Did You Know? 5 Little-Known Facts About Tarot
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Did You Know? 5 Little-Known Facts About Tarot

August 28, 2020
What can a tarot reader tell you about your life?
What can a tarot reader tell you about your life?

Tarot has existed for many centuries and boasts a rich history. They may have started out as game components, but tarot cards later evolved into valuable tools for psychics to give people readings. Take a look at these five little-known facts about the art of tarot.

Tarot Cards Are Not Associated With the Occult

Many people think that tarot cards are associated with the occult because tarot readers are sometimes depicted as mystical figures. The idea that tarot cards are magical was actually fabricated by Jean-Baptiste Alliette in the 1780s. After Alliete, Antoine Court deGebelin took this idea and ran with it by publishing a book that studied the symbolism of tarot cards and their connection to the occult.

Tarot Cards Are Very Similar to Traditional Playing Cards

Tarot cards and traditional playing cards look very similar. They bear many of the same images, and the suits include kings, queens, jacks, and numbers. The difference is that tarot decks have 78 cards with five suits while traditional playing cards only include 52 cards with four suits. In tarot, the fifth suit is always trump, meaning that it is more powerful than any of the other suits. A tarot deck also has one fool card. Occasionally, traditional playing cards come with two jokers that serve the same purpose.

There Are No Bad Cards in a Tarot Deck

Many people are afraid of getting a tarot reading because they don’t want to get dealt bad cards. However, there actually are no bad cards in a tarot deck. Psychics use tarot cards to tap into their own intuition to read you. For instance, the death and devil cards might prompt the psychic to explore those topics in your life, but these cards are not necessarily bad. The death card could reflect the end of some experience in your life and the beginning of a new one.

The First Tarot Cards Did Not Have Numbers

Tarot dates back to the 1400s in Northern Italy. When tarot cards were invented, they only included pictures. Since tarot cards were used to play games, much like playing cards are used today, card readers simply had to remember the graphics and their meanings. Numbers on tarot cards weren’t introduced until much later, when digits were more recognizable by the average user.

Tarot Is the Most Popular Form of Divination

People use all sorts of objects for divination. Some examples include tea leaves, crystal balls, palms, and wands. Tarot cards, however, are the most popular. Tarot cards themselves do not possess any power, but psychics use them to divine and channel their own powers. Tarot cards are likely the most popular because they provide the most direction, making them the easiest to use and understand.

If you think tarot could reveal helpful information about your life and are interested in learning more, contact a genuine psychic to get a tarot card reading. It’s an enlightening experience, and you never know what it might teach you about your life.

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