Everyday Magic: Simple Rituals and Spells for Beginner Witches
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Everyday Magic: Simple Rituals and Spells for Beginner Witches

April 27, 2023 by Psychic Jewel x4294
Discover the best starter spells for beginner witches!
Discover the best starter spells for beginner witches!

Magic is within us all. One day it awakens within you and the curiosity that begins to stir is likely what has led you here today.  From Santeria to Voodoo to Wicca, or even your own personal brand of witchery, we all have an ancestral calling to remember what has been forgotten. This natural call to the soul is where I attribute the rising popularity of magical and metaphysical practices today. 

As a renaissance and self taught practitioner in this field, I’m looking forward to sharing with you my favorite steps and rituals to starting your spiritual practice. In this article I’m thrilled to share with you some of my favorite simple spells and rituals you can perform at home. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, here are four foolproof spells for beginner witches to implement into your daily practice. 


How to Perform an Egg Cleanse

Known since ancient times for removing negative energy from the practitioner, the egg cleanse is a simple yet effective way to cleanse your personal auric field. Simply bring an egg to room temperature and pray your intention over the egg. Once you have done this, rub the egg over the surface of your entire body, head to toe. Do not forget the soles of your feet as they are connected to every organ in your body! Once you have completely rubbed the egg over the entire surface of your body, solidify your intention again with prayer. Crack the egg into a clear glass of water. Follow this handy guide from WikiHow on how to decipher the contents of your glass. You can repeat this ritual as often as you’d like, whenever you feel like your energy needs cleansing.


How to Make a Smudge Stick and Perform a Smudging

Expanding upon the idea of cleansing energy, or auric fields, using smudge sticks is a great way to purify your environment. Simply light a smudge stick, set your intention, and then follow what you feel. You can allow the smudge stick to burn in a safe place intended for this purpose or you can hold the stick and direct the smoke in patterns around you (even drawing sigils in the air). Smudge sticks are commonly made with sage and are very easy to assemble. Simply bind your sage and/or other herbs together with twine and your smudge stick has been created. Light the sage and set the intention with a prayer. It is also recommended to have a door or window open to release the smoke and also symbolically release the negative energy you are sending away. 


How to Perform Candle Magic

Candle magic is popular because of its ease and versatility, with each color candle having its own representation, candles can be used for a vast array of spells and rituals...

  • White Candle Energy - purity, healing, peace
  • Black Candle Energy - protection, banishing negative energy
  • Red Candle Energy - passion, potency, stamina
  • Pink Candle Energy - intimacy, reconciliation, emotional healing, forgiveness
  • Blue Candle Energy - creativity, communication, connection with the higher self
  • Green Candle Energy - money, good luck
  • Brown Candle Energy - grounded, balance, understanding, trust
  • Purple Candle Energy - divination, knowledge, meditation
  • Yellow Candle Energy - confidence, new ideas 

Simply light your candle, set your intention, and let it burn all the way down. This is another one of those rituals that can be repeated as often as you’d like and with many different intents and purposes.

How to Perform Ritual Baths

A ritual bath has got to be one of the easiest and most effective rituals I’ve found. It seems very simple but with one powerful intention and little to no ingredients, ritual baths have worked wonders for me. I like to make my own bath salt mixture using epsom salts, herbs such as lavender and comfrey, as well as flower petals. Ritual baths can simply be intended to cleanse the practitioner of unwanted energy, but this ritual is multi purpose. By changing your bath ingredients and your intention, ritual baths can be used for most any purpose. I often set the intention of beauty or enhanced crown chakra/psychic abilities, but again you can set any intention for your bath. Add the corresponding color candle that correlates to your intention to amplify your ritual’s effect and simply soak and meditate in the bath until the candle has burned down or as long as you’d like. This is one I recommend repeating at least once per week for lasting effects. 


How to Make a Spell Jar

Making a spell jar is a versatile way to practice magic at home. Spell jars can be crafted using a variety of ingredients and supplies that can be endlessly tailored to match your specific manifestation. Common uses for spell jars are love and money, but they can also be used for protection against negativity energies and also for good luck. What you will add to your spell jar depends upon its purpose. For protection you might use feathers. For love you might use rose petals. For luck you might use clovers. Using nature and colors and scents from oils and herbs make for a beautifully powerful spell jar. Typically a jar is sealed in wax and placed on your altar.

Speaking of altars - they are often the foundation for every practitioners spiritual work. This is where you can come to give offerings, meditate, and connect more closely with your ancestors and spiritual guides. We will discuss altars more in depth in another article.


Be Magical!

Basically anything can be magic or a ritual once you understand your internal power and how to implement it. Remembering that the most important element of any ritual is your own power and intention, prioritize your self care and nurturing your temple. Always remember the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. This mindfulness is wholeness and connection to the One source energy from which all life, abundance, and manifestations flow. I hope that you try one or all of these rituals and if you do, I hope that  it adds value to your spiritual practice and to your life. Namaste.


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inrings: I’m new to this. I had an energetic cord cutting done. It was needed to get through some things while I wait for my POI is done with his situation. It’s has taken a toll on us. Can I do a cord cutting on him to free himself from his negativity? Is there a certain spell jar for something like that? I’m a big believer in all this, my heart is in it.

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