Celebrating One Year On the Path with PathForward

Happy Birthday, PathForward!

June 30, 2021 by PathForward

Can you believe it? PathForward, formerly Hollywood Psychics, is celebrating our first year as a Psychic Service brand!

There’s no denying it; this last year has presented no shortage of crisis, unrest, and anxiety. But it has also presented an equal amount of victory, progress, a triumph of the human spirit. We’ve felt heartache and joy in turn, but here we are. Still standing.

And through it all, PathForward has stayed dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and accessible psychic readings around, with an ever-expanding roster or Tarot Readers, Mediums, Energy Healers, and Clairvoyants ready to help you take the next steps on your own path. We invite you to join the Advisors and Administrators at PathForward in celebrating our first anniversary! To many more!!!

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