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How To Use Your Own Intuition to Avoid Workplace Drama

September 29, 2021 by Psychic Christine x4063
Be a center of calm amid a storm of office drama.
Be a center of calm amid a storm of office drama.

Interactions at work, whether in person or remote, can at times be a chaotic hot mess of tension, stress, and drama. However, with a little application of your own intuitive powers, you can very quickly pick up the ‘vibe’ of the room or certain individuals and discover ways to navigate through it. You can identify chill people with a higher vibration (the kind you totally want to become BFFs with) and tell them from the toxic folk with control issues (y’know, the kind to avoid at all costs). When you are in-tune with your intuition, and using it to scan people and situations, you can preempt or minimize many office drama eruptions.

How to Prepare Your Intuitive Self before Work Begins

In much the same way that you can’t run a marathon without first strengthening and training your body, you can’t activate your intuition without first addressing your mental wellbeing. Try the following tips to cleanse your energies…

  • Take deep breaths from above your head to below your feet
  • Ground and connect your energy to a meaningful source
  • Honestly feel what you feel, be it positive, negative or neutral
  • Release heavy triggering emotions down into the planet
  • Connect with your body; stretch, reach, and rub your hands together
  • Imagine people and scenes that are peaceful and relaxing

How to Activate Your Intuitive Self while at Work

Okay, now that you’ve spent a few minutes getting your energy in alignment, it’s time to put that spiritual power to work! Try the following tips for listening to, internalizing, and acting on your intuition.

  • Show up with energy and expectation for a productive day at work
  • Clear your mind and tune-in to the pulse of the energy around you
  • Take action and confront challenges as your intuition directs you
  • Stay attuned to changes in the energy and be ready to redirect your focus and intent to match it

How to Keep Negativity from Infecting your Intuition

Not everyone, or every situation, is going to respond to your intuitive approach in a positive manner. In fact, some folk may seem determined to kill the vibes and bring everyone else down to their level. If you feel the tension rising, here are some tools to bring down the heat…

  • Be Gentle in Trusting Your Instincts - follow your inner wisdom with loving and patient intent, especially when dealing with difficult people.
  • Listen Before You Talk - Even if you really want to share your ideas, be quiet and listen first and respond from a position of respect.
  • Express Involvement in the Discussion – Maintain Good eye contact, nod your head, repeat back what you hear, etc.
  • Ask Questions and Give Feedback – Show inquisitive itnerest and frame your feedback in a productive manner.
  • Practice Empathy - Work toward building trust over time, even with those you regularly disagree.
  • Watch Your Body Language – Body language is a big part of communication, though it can be hard to master. Think; what body language in others makes you feel disrespected, ignored or confronted? Make a point not to adopt those postures or behaviors.
  • Foster Deeper Awareness - Take the time to genuinely get to know more about those you work with. It can make ALL the difference!

YOU Have the Power

In order to improve the overall flow and interaction at work, you need to start with yourself. Effective business communication is a result of shared personal efforts of everyone involved. By improving your own personal method of speaking, using the written word, and other methods and techniques of communication, you will improve your work and personal life. Your interactions with others will be smoother as your confidence, mindset, and tools expand. Also, participate in training provided by your company or your team. Encourage a mentality of honesty, trust, and collaboration.

At the end of the day, be open to the reality that your efforts may not change a person, but you can certainly impact and greatly improve the energy of a situation. Give it a try. And then let me know how it goes…

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