Language of the Lost: Talking to Ghosts
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Language of the Lost: Talking to Ghosts

October 16, 2022 by PathForward
Tarot readings can provide a way to connect with someone who has passed on.
Tarot readings can provide a way to connect with someone who has passed on.

The practice of contacting and communicating with the souls of those who have passed on isn't quite like what you see in movies. Try these ways to speak to the dead when you want to forge a real connection.


One popular way to speak to ghosts is to have a good ol' seance. Though you might have a cliche image of what these meetings look like (thanks, Hollywood), seances are actually a customizable way to get in touch with souls who have passed on. You'll want a medium with psychic abilities and seance experience to help guide you.

In fact, the medium the spirit will use to communicate is the most important element of a seance. If the medium is inexperienced or fearful, it can ruin the session. You'll want to turn off worldly distractions (think lights, TVs, and cellphones), gather around, and start to summon the spirit. Responses can vary, but moving objects and knocks are common ways spirits let you know they're ready to chat.

Your medium can ask questions once the spirit answers. Yes or no questions are most likely to receive a response, though sometimes a spirit will choose to communicate through your medium. Then you can try more open-ended questioning.

Keep in mind that seances come with potential danger. If a Spirit refuses to be summoned, it's time to stop all attempts. And if a Spirit gets aggressive, stop the seance right away: Break hands, blow out the candles, and turn on all your cellphones, lights, and more to create as much distraction as possible. Unpredictable spirits can send a seance spiraling quickly out of control, which is why having an expert is so important.

Ouija Boards

Ouija boards offer another might-sound-cliche-but-really-works way to connect with ghosts. The format of numbers and letters makes it easy for spirits to spell out their messages. You'll need at least two people for a proper experience. As with seances, it's best if the person acting as the designated medium has some psychic abilities or experience, and the atmosphere is key. Turn off all distractions, light three candles, and place everything on the ground.

Simple yes or no questions are ideal for getting things started when using a Ouija board. Be patient if you're not connecting with a spirit immediately, and ensure you don't get angry or frustrated, as this can upset a spirit. When you do get a response, thank the spirit for being present.

Physical activity during a session can be dangerous, so never ask a spirit to prove themselves with physical activity. Should a spirit get aggressive, end the session immediately by moving the planchette to "Goodbye" and removing your hands. As for less dangerous drawbacks, people tend to either consciously or subconsciously move the planchette. Ouija boards can also put people off with their commercial vibe. If you'd like to try this method without the commercial aspect, just make your own board.

Tarot and Cartomancy

Tarot has provided insight into the past, present, and future for centuries. You can use tarot cards to learn more about your life story and opportunities — and to connect with the dead. Whether you're looking for answers to questions left to you by souls who have passed on or trying to forge an ongoing connection, tarot cards can serve as the conduit you need. For best results, you'll want to get a Psychic Reading from an experienced and intuitive reader who can parse what the cards are telling you.

You can also do a similar reading with a regular deck of playing cards in a pinch. That's called cartomancy, another way to connect with spirits. Traditional card decks and tarot decks have significant differences, as tarot decks have 78 cards compared to a standard deck's 52. The two decks also have different suits, and tarot cards have a magical vibe that helps for these types of readings. Still, cartomancy can connect you with those who have passed on when you know how to use the cards.


While a seance, Ouija board, or tarot reading won't let you physically touch, hear, or see a spirit, dream visits do. You'll need to exercise patience because a soul needs consistency to understand when to visit you. Prepare by inviting the spirit to visit ahead of time and by keeping a positive attitude the day the visit should take place. As with other communication methods, turn off distractions, light candles, and place a photo or personal item near you from the spirit you want to visit.

These visits can feel very satisfying if you're grieving the loss of someone you love, but they can also be very emotional. Another issue? Sometimes they take a long time to work. Keep trying until you get the visit you seek.

Signs and Sightings

Talking to ghosts typically goes beyond pure talking. Ghosts need conduits to deliver their messages, so keep yourself open to signs and sightings that might be something other than what you expect. You can even set up conductors spirits can use to get messages to you. Ghosts historically communicate through liquid (such as water inexplicably rippling), candles or flames, and scent. Audio and visual devices can also pick up ghostly communications.

You might see signs of a spirit's presence based on their interests when they were in the physical realm. Maybe it's a song they loved that comes on the radio at the exact moment you're thinking of them. If you keep an open mind, you might find spirits using new ways to stay in touch.

An intuitive Psychic can help when you want to connect with souls who have passed on. Speak to a professional Psychic Medium to get the clearest messages from beyond, and get a Psychic Reading today at PathForward.


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