Mystic Markings: Guide to Wiccan Symbols and Meanings
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Mystic Markings: Guide to Wiccan Symbols and Meanings

July 20, 2023 by PathForward



The Wiccan practice relies heavily on symbolism. These images are used on amulets, in rituals, and even throughout the home. Each symbol carries its own meaning and is thus used for particular purposes. From channeling divine energies to protecting the home to bridging the magickal realms, these images can serve many powerful purposes.

The Triple Moon

The triple moon symbol features a waning crescent moon on the right, a full moon in the center, and a waxing crescent moon on the left. These three moons represent divine femininity and the three stages of a woman's life.


Associated with the new moon or waxing moon, the maiden represents youth, purity, creation, and new beginnings.


Represented by the full moon, the mother is the embodiment of fertility, love, and nourishment.


Associated with the waning moon, the crone represents wisdom, acceptance, and the culmination of one's life and work.

The Horned God

The horned god is the divine masculine of the Wiccan practice, represented by a circle with an upturned crescent on top. Possessing the energy of the sun, the horned god is a powerful, wild life force. The horned god is also known as the hunter. He is a fierce representation of masculinity and nature.


Also known as The World Tree, Yggdrasil is a massive ash tree supporting the nine worlds of Norse mythology. Its branches and roots connect all in the universe. This tree is a center of deep knowledge but it may also harbor the makings of the apocalypse, making it as intimidating as it is powerful.

Trinity Knot

The trinity knot, known as the Triquetra, depicts three interlocking leaves. These represent earth, fire, and water. The triquetra is also a powerful representation of the power of three. The interlocking shapes are formed with an unbroken line that symbolizes the continuity of Wiccan rituals and practices.

The Ankh

The ankh is referred to as the Key of Life and represents resurrection and eternal life. Shaped like a cross with a loop on top, the ankh is an Egyptian symbol that was often associated with gods and kings. It's commonly used as a symbol of good luck and fortune or as an amulet for protection.

The Elven Star

The seven-pointed elven star is meaningful in many spiritual practices. It represents the seven days of earth's creation in Christianity, the seven verses of the Quran, and the seven heavens of Islam and Hinduism. This symbol is also associated with the faerie realm and may serve as a gateway between realms which can provide a bridge in understanding.

The Pentagram

Also known as a pentacle, this five-pointed star represents the four cardinal directions and the mystical spirit. Wiccans often use the pentagram for protection, drawing it in magickal circles before doing ritual work or placing it around the house to ward off evil or danger.

These symbols can serve many purposes in your rituals and practices. Speak with a PathForward psychic to learn more about how to utilize their power in your life.

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