One Year on the Path
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!
Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

One Year on the Path

July 02, 2021 by PathForward
One Year on the Path

“Cheers to the future and kudos to our past - Happy Birthday to PathForward! Built on the foundation set by Hollywood Psychics’ 15+ years of providing reliable psychic readings, PathForward is delighted to be celebrating the 1-year anniversary of our new brand launch. And we invite you to celebrate this milestone with us by enjoying a timeline of accomplishments, all made possible by you!”

“July 2020, PathForward Launches...
In a world full of crystal balls, choose the PathForward. We may be the ‘new kids on the block,’ but we keep it 100% authentic. With the support of intuitive Psychics, we turn life’s greatest challenges into life-changing opportunities.”

“July 2020, Call Back Arrives...
We got your digits on speed-dial with the launch of our Call Back feature. If your Psychic is busy talking to other customers, kick your feet up, and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn for a reading – easy as that.”

“August 2020, Horoscopes Reveal Themselves...
Started from the dailies now we here. Your daily horoscope just wasn’t enough. Now we’ve got your weekly and annual cosmic bases covered. And did you know that PathForward’s Psychic Astrologer Christine forecasts your weekly horoscope?”

“September 2020, The Tea is Served...
Coming in HOT! The launch of our blog, The Tea, keeps you woke with inspirational psychic written content, infographics, and the many voices that shape our personality - including your favorite millennial PathForward Blogger, Samantha.”

“September 2020, Direct Messaging Debuts...
We love staying connected to you. That’s why we created account DMs! In between calls, we keep you posted on all the juicy tea, new features, psychic highlights, special offers, and so much more!

“March 2021, Mindful Path Podcast Launches...
Keeping a clear mind and peaceful vibe makes your life better. That’s why we launched the tranquil Mindful Path Guided Meditation Podcast series by Psychic Halo. Now close your eyes and find your Zen... “

“April 2021, Inner Circle is Complete...
We let you in on a little secret this year. Our Inner Circle Subscription Program offers you free readings, good feelings, and savings that you just can’t beat! Here’s to a subscription you’ll actually love to use.“

“July 2021, One Year on the Path
We’ve taken many steps forward on our path. From the launch of PathForward to the new and exciting features we’ve dropped in last year, we’ve come a long way in our inner and outer growth.“

“We predict an even brighter future. As we look back at our past, we’re so grateful for all the accomplishments that our customers made possible for PathForward. Here’s to another step forward on our journey and even more features and offerings to keep you happy and uplifted.”

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Roxie85: Love this service

StarHarp: So grateful to have found your service! Loving the callback feature. Thank you!

StarHarp: So grateful to have found your service! Loving the callback feature. Thank you!

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