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3 Steps to Meditate for Longer Periods of Time

February 23, 2024 by PathForward

Positive Intentions Week 8

Where intention goes, energy flows! Positive Intentions is your 8-week plan to boost self-love, spiritual Zen, and energetic output. Check in each week for an uplifting task, act, or exercise (no sweating required) to clear your mind-space, sharpen your inner-focus, and create new rituals for self-betterment.

Is Meditating for Hours Possible?

How many times have you been told to meditate? Literally every single day, right? It’s pretty much recommended in every article, blog, podcast, and book where there is a focus on self-care – we’re totally guilty of it! Mediation is amazing on so many levels, but kinda easier said than done. Meditation for hours is possible but probably not feasible with everything else going on in our world. So, what is the ideal meditation length? It depends on your goals, but we suggest meditating for an hour a day for the greatest benefit. Here are 4 steps and tips for how to meditate for long periods of time. 

Repeat a Mantra  

Unless you’re seasoned at meditation, trying to clear your mind cold turkey is a daunting task. Instead, try focusing on a word or phrase and repeating it out loud or in your head. Repetition will help you find your environmental center and peace during a long meditation. 

Movement Meditation  

You don’t have to sit still in silence to meditate. Movement meditation is an active practice that includes activities such as walking, yoga, jogging, adult coloring (you’re welcome), and other relaxing forms of motion. The goal is to stay present and let your body guide you. If you got the time and motivation, movement is an easy way to incorporate a 1 hour meditation everyday.


Visualization, like daydreaming, is a mindful meditative practice. Get in a comfy position, close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving a goal. This method of meditation is excellent for boosting self-confidence, reducing stress, and connecting to your intuition.

Did you feel that?

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