6 Important Factors in Achieving Balance in Life

6 Important Factors in Achieving Balance in Life

July 02, 2019 by PathForward
Mental balance is just as important as physical balance, if not more.
Mental balance is just as important as physical balance, if not more.
You just came home from running errands. You close the door, glad to be home. Feeling frazzled and tired, you wonder about the frantic pace of modern life and the stress it causes. 

It’s clear that “Life in the Fast Lane” is more than just a song—it’s the new norm with no signs of slowing down! Horns honk, road ragers rage, and customers yell complaints at waitresses. We put on the evening news and see more crime than we’ve ever seen before.

Our bosses are under pressure and expect more from their workers. The children are tired from higher expectations in school.  With all the added stressors and tensions, we see more conflict and less tolerance with people in general. 

You may hear your favorite psychic readers talk about staying in balance. What exactly do they mean? 

1. Time. Managing our time to incorporate everything is one way to help achieve balance. Make time for the important things on a regular basis and have a routine. Writing a schedule/plan is the first step in achieving change. 

2. Sleep. We handle stress much better when we’re rested.  Having more energy from a good night’s sleep will help us enjoy our work and activities more. We accomplish more, and are happier, when we’re filled with energy.

3. Relaxation. Making time for oneself—for relaxation and things we enjoy—adds to the pleasure of our lives, even for a few hours a day.

4. Spiritual self. This is vital because it’s our “core” strength.  Taking the time to meditate, read or learn spiritual truths, and pray can make a huge difference in how we feel.  Get in touch with your life's purpose and your blessings every day.

5. Health. A healthful life style is another way to achieve a sense of wellbeing. Become more active and eating foods that are from nature to have more energy.  Processed foods are not from nature and are full of additives and preservatives.  

6. Loved ones. Visit family and friends on regular basis to strengthen bonds—it just feels good! Family time with the kids is a great way to enjoy each other (game night, going to a movie, bike riding, etc.). 

Making small changes can really make a huge difference. I cannot think of a better stress buster than having fun and smiling. It feels good to take care of oneself and to work toward a more balanced life.  It will not only help you, but your friends and family will also reap the rewards!  

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