Are You an Earth Angel?
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Are You an Earth Angel?

August 27, 2020 by PathForward
If you feel like you don't belong here, you might be an Earth Angel.
If you feel like you don't belong here, you might be an Earth Angel.
There are people who choose to be here on earth and walk through this life as a human. However, deep down, there is an angel that exists knowing more information about the universe that comes naturally. These spiritual people are known as Earth Angels. 

How do you know if you’re an Earth Angel? 

Do you have a strong urge to help those in need?
Do you feel as if you don’t belong here on Earth or absolutely hate it here? (A lot of times these Earth Angels have suicide attempts and near death experiences that have the outcome he/she expected and he/she feels stuck here) 
Are you a medium (a channel for spirits) and in touch with the afterlife or spirit world in which most people ignore? 
Have many spirits called you Angel? 
Do you have Angels as guides? 
Do you have an unlimited amount of knowledge and understanding of The Universe that differs from the rest of the world? 
Are you interested in studying many different religions and seeking truth for yourself? 
Do you have a passion of telling others how they should live their lives in order to be successful and happy? 
Do you sacrifice yourself to help these people? (Sometimes when this person won’t even help him/herself.)
Do you have more patience for all people and no patience for stupid decisions?  
Have you had to deal with different demons throughout your life and find ways in meditation to rid yourself or home of them? 
Are you able to help other people push these demons out of their life as well? 
Do you channel energy around a person who needs healing? 
Do you dream of people you’re supposed to help before you meet them?
Are you more of an earth-based person, wanting to live off of the earth, and give back what you can? 
Do you want to spend more time outside in nature than inside? 
Do you have issues with authority and not wanting to blend with society?(Most of the time these Earth Angels will find ways to survive without having to fit in with society.) 
Do you feel alone? 
Are people attracted to you and your energy as if you’re mysterious? 
You do not have a fear of the unknown!

If most of these questions fit in your life, and make sense, then you might be an Earth Angel! You may hate it here, but you chose to be here to help others work towards a loving energy and a greater good. You’re here to push out the negative energy of the world. You’re much stronger than you think and it doesn’t take a priest to cast out demons—YOU are strong enough to do more than most! Negative spirits fear you and good spirits help you! It’s up to you to find that strength and light within! 

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