Bring Out Your Most Attractive, Radiant Energy
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Bring Out Your Most Attractive, Radiant Energy

August 27, 2020 by PathForward
Feel sexy anywhere, anytime!
Feel sexy anywhere, anytime!

How can you have that “edge” in the workplace? Bringing sexy to work is especially helpful to set you apart from others in the job market.  But if you’re looking for a job as a technician or customer service rep, you might be wondering how sex appeal could benefit you (and not count against you). 

What I’m really talking about is bringing your most attractive ENERGY when you have to impress others. When you walk into a room the first thing people experience is your energy field; before you dazzle them with your smile, your unique energy signature gives you away.  It’s the same energy signature many intuitive initially connect with during a consultation. 

So you’re more powerful than you think and it’s time to let that work in your favor.  You want to activate your charisma center—the center in your body about two inches below your belly button.  In yoga practices this energy center is a real powerhouse for our desires, creativity, and sexual personality.  Our sexual personality is our charisma or ability to attract attention in nonverbal ways through our energy signature. It gives us that elusive quality of radiance which you definitely want people to see; but it’s important to use it in honorable ways. 

We all know of those who seem to have an abundance of charisma but aren’t very nice people. Once you get used to their high level radiance you see their true colors.  Increasing your radiance simply broadcasts the real you.  So in addition to increasing your radiance it’s also a good idea to do affirmations on your positive qualities to balance things out.  The idea is to increase your inner light which is strongly connected to your desire/sexual/creative center. 

Here are a few ways to kick up your own sexy/energy levels and radiance:

1. Clean out your mind and body.
  Detox with green juices, lemon water, sunshine and nature to clear up your internal organs and skin and make your eyes sparkle.  Thinking clearly and feeling emotionally lighter helps others to see your light, which increases your radiance.

2. Consistently recite positive affirmations about your strengths. For example:  “I love the way my hair looks today.”  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just genuine.  People notice when you feel good about yourself.  Also read, watch, or listen to inspirational stories and material to pull you out of a slump.  Insert positive intentions to stay focused and refine/redefine your options.

3. Aromatherapy improves our mood.  I created a Bast perfume which is a combination of sandalwood, patchouli (very small amount) and neroli essential oils in a base of grape seed and olive oils.  I find that it lifts my spirit and warms me up.

4. Crystals also increase radiance.  The natural world is alive with wonderful helpers that increase your joy in life.  They just want to be appreciated.  I’ve found that it’s very hard to manifest abundance or have positive relationships without a healthy connection to the earth.  Some stones to consider are carnelian (helps you to feel better and removes stagnant energy from your lower body), citrine (excellent for increasing radiance, attracting business and clients, and self-confidence), rose quartz (for heart healing and emotional well-being—looking for a job can be grueling on self-esteem), and adventurine (green for material success and blue for communication).  Wearing jewelry made from these stones is great if you can afford it. Otherwise, get a small hand held stone that you put in your purse or pocket and rub throughout the interview or day.

5. Finally— breathe. This may be the most important thing you can do for vitality, energy, and charisma.  When we’re stressed our breath becomes shallow and constricts our energy.  This can make the skin dull and radiance lowered because your energy “feels” sad.  Try starting your breath from the bottom of your abdomen expanding it out like a balloon when you get to your chest and inhale all the way to your neck.  Now in reverse order collapse your breath starting at the neck, squeezing the air out of your lungs. When you get back to your abdomen imagine that you’re pulling your belly button back to the spine.  This is a full breath.  Do this especially when you’re stressed or depressed.  It floods your body with oxygen and hormones to lift your spirit; and yes, energy radiance (called prana). 

Also using color breathing works to clear and strengthen your energy body too. Shades of red, orange and yellow/gold fill you with vitality. Breathing in the color green helps you to connect with and expand your heart energy and compassion which is very much needed when going through a transformation like looking for a job.  Compassion also helps you to connect with others in a positive way which is needed in today’s workplace.  

You are a radiant being filled with the light of Divine Essence.  Namaste.

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