Common Recurring Dreams and What They Mean
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Common Recurring Dreams and What They Mean

October 03, 2018
What are your dreams really telling you?
What are your dreams really telling you?

You dream you're being chased and wake up feeling scared or threatened. You dream you've lost your teeth and jolt up in bed, frantically touching your gums and searching for gaps in your mouth. Recurring dreams pop up more nights than you can count and they're all trying to tell you something about your feelings, your life, and your secret fears.

Dental Dilemmas

If you've ever woken up trying to count your teeth with your tongue, you know how scary these dreams are. Repeated dreams—and sometimes nightmares—of losing your teeth do not mean you need to visit the dentist. This dream is usually represents some kind of some change in your life. It goes back to the days when you lost your baby teeth, because you experienced daily changes then.

This dream can also let you know that you feel like you're not being understood, or not expressing yourself well. It's a good idea to phone a psychic with experience interpreting dreams. Describe every detail you can remember, such as:

  • Simply losing your teeth
  • Losing them by force or having them pulled
  • Speaking with a lisp
  • Or not being able to speak or really be heard at all

Catch Me If You Can

Dreams of being chased are terrifying, especially if you can't get away. Then again, you might dream of being the pursuer. If you're being chased, you're likely running away from certain fears or events in your life. Maybe it's a confrontation, a goal, or a suspicion. If you're chasing someone or something, however, that's often good news, because it means you're ready to face any fears in your waking life. Since every dream is different, however, a recurring chase definitely deserves analysis.

The Dreamer Has No Clothes

Nudity often occurs in dreams, but it doesn't necessarily mean what you think. Your feelings about your nudity matter more than your nakedness itself. Traditionally, nakedness means that you're revealing the truest parts of yourself, even your true nature. So, if you feel degraded or humiliated, you're afraid of being so open. If you're comfortable, you're typically fine with this new revelation. If you don't notice your lack of clothes, however, that speaks to your self-awareness, or lack thereof, in life.

Back to School

No one wants to go back to school in a dream, because good things never happen. You might show up naked, which obviously has its own meaning, or you might get forced to take a test or pass a class that you haven't prepared for at all. This dream usually suggests a level of uncertainty or a lack of preparation in your daily life. You may feel somehow vulnerable, or as if you're not living up to certain expectations.

Fear of Falling

Maybe you're falling, maybe someone pushed you, maybe you slipped. The dream of falling is both common and frequent, but you don't need to worry that you'll really die if you don't wake up before you reach the ground. A dream interpretation online reveals that you feel like you're losing control over something. A dream analysis is essential here, because you need to treat the cause to stop the dream from repeating itself.

What's the most confusing dream you ever had? What do you think it meant?

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