Do You Have Goth Tendencies?
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Do You Have Goth Tendencies?

March 10, 2018
Wearing just black doesn't make you goth
Wearing just black doesn't make you goth

While the definition of a goth has changed slightly over the years, most people still picture them as dark and moody. Do you wonder if you have some goth tendencies in your lifestyle? Keep reading to see how gothic you really are.

What Color Are You Wearing?

When you open up your closet, is the only color you see black? You could get away with the excuse that black matches everything and hides stains really well. However, if you keep digging through your closet and you find fishnet stockings, crushed velvet, and a spiked collar you just might have goth tendencies after all.

While a lot of people could have a closet full of black and not be goth, if you've dyed your hair black and you own an endless supply of black eyeliner, you certainly lean towards the goth side. Of course, if you own a cape then you are most likely a goth.

How Sinister Is Your House?

Do you prefer candlelight to lamplight? Does your home look like it would blend in perfectly in a medieval castle? If your home is decorated just as darkly as your wardrobe, you have some goth tendencies. If you have graduated to sleeping in a coffin at night then there's no doubt that you're goth. Just don't forget to place a nightstand next to your coffin so you have a place to store a dream journal. Then, you can review your dreams or take your journal to a dream analyzer to see what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Do You Love Scary Movies?

Along with how your home is decorated, you know whether you're goth or not simply by your taste in music, books, and movies. When you browse your bookshelf, is it lined with Edgar Allan Poe and Anne Rice? Then you might be a goth. When you open up your music player do you have your favorite alternative bands ready to go? Then you might be a goth. If your friends want to come over for a movie night do you give them choices such as "The Craft," "Dracula," and "The Crow?" Then you might be a goth.

Are You a Regular at the Local Graveyard?

If the groundskeeper at the local cemetery greets you by your first name, you just might be goth. Of course, there's nothing wrong with spending a lot of time there. Serena Cole admits that when she used to babysit she would take the kids to the graveyard to draw pictures of the tombstones. Of course, she also tried to play down the creepiness by looking for tadpoles in the streams. Plus, it's certainly quiet enough if you need to get away to think. Are you looking for the best place to interpret your latest tarot reading? There's no better place to go than the peaceful graveyard.

Whether you're just a bit goth or you completely embrace the lifestyle, enjoy that it makes you unique and wear your black cape with pride.

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