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Why Ouija Boards Aren't Child's Play

September 14, 2020
Having a Ouija board becomes a dangerous game
Having a Ouija board becomes a dangerous game

When you were a kid, you probably played with a Ouija board, trying to conjure up spirits and watching the board move as the spirits answer your questions. Even if it was fun to scare your friends with, a Ouija board is a very dangerous item that makes the game go from fantasy to reality. Here are some dangerous reasons why you should not use the Ouija board as a toy.

So just how dangerous is a Ouija Board? Between internet searches and the entertaining true haunted tv shows, you'll find a ton of chilling stories guaranteed to make you think twice about playing with a Ouija Board. Here are just a few stories of Ouija play gone wrong:
A Ouija Board story that went terribly wrong was when a young woman and her family moved into a new home and innocently began to play with a Ouija board. Since they had just moved in, their belongings were still in boxes scattered throughout the house. The game took a dark turn when a box was lifted into the air and thrown forcefully across the room. Sure enough, the family fled the home and stayed the night elsewhere. What a way to put a damper on that new house excitement! Another creepy story involves a boy who was pressured by a friend to play with a Ouija board. Soon after they started playing, the lights began to flicker, and the room temperature dropped drastically. The boys discovered they were communicating with the spirit of a man who had been murdered. Does this sound like a guest you'd like lingering in your child's room? Probably not!

The Dangers of What Happens When You Play a Ouija Board

You Contact Evil Spirits

If you contact a being, some stay in the lower astral plane, meaning they have lived dishonorable lives when they were on Earth. These beings can come in close contact with you because how low they are on the plane. You don't want to trust them because their past lives are still a part of them. If you talk to a psychic medium, they will note these spirits are deceptive and will try to trick you.

Demonic Spirits Will Not Leave Your House

Playing with a Ouija board seems fun because you're able to communicate with spirits, until a presence will not leave your house. Your communication with the spirits invites them in, and these spirits can bring you and your family great harm as they continue to dwell in your home. It is hard to get rid of them since they are not in physical form. 

Asking for Proof of a Spirit Leads to Danger

If you are not careful with a Ouija board, you will think the planchette (the triangle piece on the board) is moving because your mind is playing tricks on you. You want to know if a spirit is in your home, and will ask it to do something like turn off the lights. What you are doing instead is letting something take control of your house, and it is a hard task to try to stop them from doing other things that could cause serious harm.

Your Thoughts Affect What Spirits Come Through

If you are thinking only negative things, there will be evil spirits brought into the world. Unexperienced players will not realize that positive thoughts help them communicate with a good presence. If you are going to use the Ouija board, make sure that you let everyone know to only have positive thoughts in their minds. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and home by having a chat with a psychic online.

A Spirit Can Take Over Your Soul

Letting in evil spirits can inhabit your body. Not using the board in an environment with an experienced medium or an area of positivity will let these demons in, and if you call on them, they will get inside your body. People have been known to become possessed after using a Ouija board, and when the spirit leaves they will have no idea what happened.

The Ouija board itself can be harmful, and the act of a séance and calling on spirits makes this game very dangerous. Before buying a game that may seem like harmless fun, remember what happens when you don't take the board seriously.

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