How Do Tarot Cards Guide A Reading?

How Do Tarot Cards Guide A Reading?

November 11, 2015 by PathForward
Each tarot deck has its own energy.
Each tarot deck has its own energy.
I must have a dozen different tarot decks that I’ve accumulated through the years.  Each deck has its own energy to it.  They’re all very worn in and holding them feels like connecting with an old friend. They all make me very dizzy upon touch, as they’re infused with years of energy and prayers.   

I’ll admit, I keep them as my validation.   When doing a psychic reading, first I listen and see, then I ask the cards to make sure my “knowing” is accurate.  I love to ask the cards “What does this person need to know?” as I see a new chat coming in.   I just love when the spirits speak to me and validate my knowing so I can type this before the person even asks a question.  I find this to be the most accurate and powerful of messages because it tells what someone needs to know—not what someone wants to know.   We forget our guides are a few steps ahead of us at all times.   
Many times I’ll pull a card or two and have a vision that comes through without really even focusing on the cards. Sometimes I have to go back and look at the cards and ask myself how I got to that specific answer in the process.  It’s really just this human process to allow me to trust what I hear. 

It’s most fascinating when I ask a question that I’m unsure of. I’ll ask again and again, sometimes even three or four times, before sharing my answer with the client.  It still makes me smile when out of 78 cards the same three or four will come out and after a thorough shuffling. It’s my guides’ way of connecting on this plane as opposed to me just hearing the answers.  
While the tarot can be great for predicting the future, I’m always very cautious to lock in any one scenario for anyone. It’s always wise to give someone options to look behind certain doorways.  We never want to give away our free will. 

Here’s a better explanation: If someone is going out to dinner, the specific restaurant is the path ahead and the free will is the menu choice. So I want to let someone know that they’ll be experiencing a certain energy or path but I never want to take away the option to choose their details or free will—you never know if you’ll want soup or rice! The whole purpose for life is to experience!

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