Love Yourself and Be Your Own Best Friend
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Love Yourself and Be Your Own Best Friend

January 22, 2019
Be your own biggest fan and others will be naturally drawn to you!
Be your own biggest fan and others will be naturally drawn to you!
The late American novelist Roderick Thorp once said "We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies." These simple tips will help you avoid that trap and put his insightful advice into practice.

Accept Your Faults
No one is perfect. You might get grumpy in the mornings or perhaps you're too quick to judge others. Whatever your flaws, it's important to accept them, as they make up the fabric of you.

Acceptance doesn't mean a refusal to work on your shortcomings. Life is a process of constant evolution, and you should want the best version of you. However, be gentle with yourself as your best friends are. That means quieting that critical voice in your head and loving who you are in this moment, warts and all. 

Celebrate Your Strengths
So you know you're not perfect, but you've got plenty going for you. You won't always receive recognition from others, so it's be your own cheerleader. Congratulate yourself for a job well done at work, the good advice you gave a friend, and the virtues that make you fantastic.

Make sure you don't forget your external beauty as well. Stop wasting energy obsessing about that spare tire around your tummy and shop for clothes that show off your killer legs instead!

Close the Door on the Past
In a perfect world you could tie up every situation with a neat bow; however, this is the real world, and you won't always get the closure you'd like. Wasting energy dwelling will get you nowhere. It's much more productive to close the door on the past and move on.

That means forgiving yourself for any mistakes you've made. Rather than obsessing about being a bad girlfriend to your ex, consider what you've learned, forgive yourself, and resolve to do better next time you meet someone new.

Get in Touch With Your Emotions
"Everything's fine" is every woman's favorite lie. Sadly this isn't just a lie told to partners or friends. It's the lie women also tell themselves.

It's often uncomfortable to examine your emotions, but the process will help you become happier in the long run. Consider the way you cuddle your best friend when she's down and plan a night out when she's bored. After acknowledging your own emotions, you can give yourself the same care.

Seek Outside Help in Times of Trouble
Just as you wouldn't expect your best gal pal to fix all your problems, you shouldn't expect to always take care of yourself. Seeking the help of professionals will help you live your happiest, healthiest life.

A psychic can provide answers when you're lacking direction, while a dream analyzer can teach you about your dreams and nightmares. Therapists can help you sort through a range of issues and meditation gurus can help you reduce your stress levels. Nutritionists and personal trainers can also help you make the most of your life.     

Treat yourself like your very best friend and enjoy the rewards that follow.


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