Mystical Musings Podcast: Safe Spellcraft
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Mystical Musings Podcast: Safe Spellcraft

July 01, 2023 by Psychic Dominique x4278

Psychic Dominique shares her tips on how to practice safe spellcraft.




Hey, love! Welcome and thank you for tuning into today’s podcast. I’m your divine hostess, Psychic Dominique at extension 4278, here to guide you through safe spell casting. So, for those of you who are ready to conjure up some spells whether it be to manifest your goals or create a more positive atmosphere, I’m going to give you some quick tips on how to do so safely.

Let’s get into it!

Tip number 1: Cast Responsibly. Have you ever heard the phrase “Life and Death live in the power of the tongue?” Well, spellcasting is essentially putting your hopes and wishes into the universe, so safe spellcasting means speaking light, love, and positivity with good intent.

That brings me to tip number 2: Cast Intently. If words and thoughts matter, so do the intentions behind those thoughts. This is just as much for your benefit as it is for the benefit of whomever or whatever you’re casting a spell on. When you cast a spell, you are putting out energy in exchange for more energy, so whatever energy you put out, you are going to get it back. That’s the way this works.

Keeping that in mind, let’s move on to tip number 3: Cast Defensively. As I said, spellcasting is an exchange of energy, right? So, if you’re being careful of the energy you put out, you also have to be careful of the energy you invite in. This means taking every precaution to protect yourself and your space. Pray before your casting session. Meditate and focus on your intention. Ask Spirit to cover you and protect you from any negative energies that may try to invade your space. Have protective crystals or stones while you cast. Candles, incense, herbs, and aromatic mists are also helpful. Use moon water or sun water to purify and protect your space, and even yourself, which leads me to our last Safe Spellcasting Tip.

Tip number 4: Cast Efficiently. When you cast, you are tapping into the universal spirit as well as your own, so self-care is not just imperative; it’s very necessary. Whether you take spirit baths, begin and end your spellcasting session in prayer, perform grounding exercises, or just some simple breathing exercises, take time to reset, recharge, and check in with yourself.

All these things can and will work for your good as you practice safe spellcasting.

I’m Psychic Dominique, your divine hostess at extension 4278. Thank you again for tuning in, and happy safe spellcasting!

Psychic Dominique x4278
Psychic Dominique is a published writer and an Astrological and Spiritual Advisor who taps into her gifts to assist people on their personal journeys. She delivers insightful and motivating advice that is detailed, honest, and thoughtful.  - Psychic Dominique x4278

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