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Setting Intentions: The Power of Intention & Achieving Your Goals

February 23, 2024 by PathForward

Positive Intentions Week 1

Where intention goes, energy flows! Positive Intentions is your 8-week plan to boost self-love, spiritual Zen, and energetic output. Check in each week for an uplifting task, act, or exercise (no sweating required) to clear your mind-space, sharpen your inner-focus, and create new rituals for self-betterment.

The Power of Intention

Setting intentions is so powerful. An intention is what you desire in life, and the possibilities are endless. Intentions can be anything from making more money, building stronger relationships, improving self-awareness and care - you get the idea. Life’s busy schedule has a way of sweeping our desires under the rug, and, POOF, next thing you know, your intentions have become less worthy or forgotten. When you set daily intentions or an intention for life, you’re making a promise to yourself. And by sending out conscious energy to the things you value the most, you’re taking the first step towards achieving your life goals.

5 Step Intention Setting Exercise


Grab a pen and paper, find a quiet space, and chillax.


Create a list of 5 things (or more) you value the most.


Based on your list of values, what areas do you wish to improve upon? Write it down.


How can you do better? Write it down.


Connect steps 3-4 to define your intention.

Ex: I want to improve my love life by communicating with my partner better. I’ll achieve this by actively listening before reacting.

Did you feel that?

Oh, that was just us, sending you good vibes. We hope you enjoyed week 1 of Positive Intentions. Stay tuned for next week, as we’ll be exploring the powers of positive self-talk.

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