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Sorry Not Sorry: How to Be Unapologetically You

February 23, 2024 by PathForward

Positive Intentions Week 6

Where intention goes, energy flows! Positive Intentions is your 8-week plan to boost self-love, spiritual Zen, and energetic output. Check in each week for an uplifting task, act, or exercise (no sweating required) to clear your mind-space, sharpen your inner-focus, and create new rituals for self-betterment.

Be Unapologetically You

Hey, all you people pleasers! Feeling like you’re constantly seeking approval from others or hiding your truth to appease coworkers, friends, family, social media followers, etc., etc., etc.? STOP! Just stop. Trying to make everyone happy is never gonna happen! And TBH, it's a complete waste of time and energy (yawn!). It's time to get liberated and start living unapologetically! When you STOP caring about what everyone else thinks and start focusing on what makes you you, you're going to uncover a whole new outlook on life. And it's gonna be amazing! So, each day of this week, we’re challenging you to be unapologetically you.

Acts of sorry, not sorry!


Do something for YOU today. Go shopping, get a massage, do what makes YOU happy.  


Rock your natural hair texture with pride. 


Be honest with “that person” and get something off your chest.  


Make a promise to yourself to stop saying “I’m sorry” for dumb things that don’t matter.  


Cut out a toxic relationship that no longer serves your higher purpose.  


Take a selfie with no filter and share it social. #nofilternecessary 


Write down your true feelings and start creating affirmations (refer back to week 1 for help). 

Did you feel that?

Oh, that was just us, sending you good vibes. Next week, we’ll help you decompress and relax! Did you miss week 5 of Positive Intentions? Click here to go back.

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