The Best Crystals for Cleansing Energy
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The Best Crystals for Cleansing Energy

April 19, 2024 by PathForward
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Crystals are a powerful tool that can be used for grounding, centering, drawing love, improving focus, fighting anxiety, and more. These stones can also help you cleanse your space and yourself of negative energy or energetic roadblocks that are getting in the way of success and happiness. Consider these eight powerful crystals for your next cleansing ritual or simply keep them around for a regular flow of good vibes.

White Quartz

Also known as milky quartz, white quartz draws down star energy. A 4,000-year-old tomb believed to contain a Scottish ruler featured a bed of white quartz, intended to carry him to the next life.[8] Use this stone to carry you through your own challenges with a powerful energy that will clear away the bad vibes![2]

Use It: In your bedroom on a nightstand or dresser to help you recharge.


Paleo-Indian civilizations used this stone for protection, so why not bring its supercharged energies into the modern age? Like many dark crystals, black obsidian is great at absorbing nasty negative vibes. Its stabilizing force pulls together scattered energy.[1]

Use It: In your workspace or stash it in your pocket at your next meeting to help you focus.


Fluorite helps to draw out impurities, bringing problems or concerns to the surface so you can cleanse your mind and spirit. Green and purple fluorite, also known as rainbow fluorite, has a balancing spiritual energy.[3]

Use It: Place near your body while you meditate, to cleanse your aura and mind.


Warriors in ancient Amazon tribes adorned their shields with this stone for healing and protection.[9] Take on the day like a tribal warrior with amazonite to cleanse your heart of fear and anxiety. It will help you relax into your intuition and find joy.[4]

Use It: In your purse or pocket to cleanse the area around you.

Blue Labradorite

Linked to the crown and third eye chakras, blue labradorite facilitates connection with the divine. Use this stone to banish illusions and reach a deeper state of consciousness.[5]

Use It: Beside your bed or while meditating to cleanse confusing thoughts.


Citrine was used decoratively in Ancient Greece, and it was featured on sword and dagger handles in 17th century Scotland.[10] Deck out your own pad with citrine and draw in positive energies.[1]

Use It: In living and gathering areas for sunny positive energy.


In Greek mythology, amethyst received its purple color from the tears of the god of wine, Dionysus.[7] Use this divine sobering energy in the modern age to clear your thoughts.[1]

Use It: In a living or dining space to promote clear conversation.

Lapis Lazuli

King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus was inlaid with precious lapis lazuli. Treat yourself like a queen and use lapis lazuli to cleanse your mind of confusion and enhance your intuition.

Use It: To open your higher sense of consciousness, place this stone on your third eye. A trained psychic can reveal more mysteries of crystals and help you refine your practice for working with crystals and cleansing your space.


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