The Mindful Path EP 14: Interpreting the Wisdom of the Stars
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The Mindful Path EP 14: Interpreting the Wisdom of the Stars

April 05, 2022 by Psychic Halo x4168

PathForward welcomes you to tune out the noises of the day and tune in to our tranquil guided mediation series, The Mindful Path. Breathe in, breathe out and let’s begin.



Episode 14

Astrology and personality are pivotal. By knowing the elements of your birth chart, or someone’s birth chart, you can understand yourself or that person better. With understanding comes true power. Through understanding a birth chart, you can resolve issues. You may have an issue with family, a friend or with a partner because you feel like they don’t care about you the same way that you do, while they claim that they do care and that they show it.

This meditation will help you interweave the beautiful diversity of astrological signs into your chakra system so you can perceive these differences better.


This is Halo and welcome to a guided meditation on interpreting the wisdom of the stars. 

Today, we are going to focus on identity and astrology, and how astrology can become a tool for the improvement of yourself. As I slowly share more information about the connection between astrology and identity, I want you to remember to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth while sitting or lying in a position that is comfortable for your body. I will take moments throughout this guided meditation to pause and directly shift your focus back to your breathing. 

Now let's begin. Inhale and exhale. Let your mind, contemplate identity. It is something that is ever changing. Some aspects remain the same and some shift and change. Astrology will help us make more sense of this. 

Your zodiac sign determines the personality archetype. Such as your potential characteristics, your potential likes, and dislikes, and so on. Sometimes, the description of a zodiac sign can perfectly describe you, while for others, they describe some aspects of their personality. 

Take a deep, diaphragmatic, belly breath in, and exhale slowly.

Your rising sign is what your core or true self is. The Ascendant is about your social personality as well, which is how you come across to other people: what your attitude is like and it can even affect your personal appearance. For example, a Leo Sun with a fire element rising sign will come across as a “true Leo" with a fiery, spontaneous, and charismatic demeanor. They'll likely know how to command a room with ease. While a Virgo rising with a Leo Sun will come across as timid and more careful in communication. They will be more calculated before they speak and their appearance will have a certain aesthetic to it. It'll stand out.

Go ahead and breathe deeply. Feel it from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Another element that affects our personality is when it comes to the Moon placement. The Moon is the planet that rules our emotions, meaning it determines how we react emotionally, how we think about our emotions, how we express them, and how we process them.

We all must sit within our emotions to really discern our true emotional state. It can take a while to truly understand how you and someone else handles their emotions. Once you are able to better understand, you'll gain insight into the intensity behind relationships. Some wear their heart on their sleeve. Many water signs do this. Some are very reserved such as some air signs. But with time and the appropriate approach, the emotional language will be expressed. Is there anyone who came to mind when I said the last sentence?

Just breathe. Inhale and exhale.

The final element to understanding your core personality is the first astrological House. The Sun placement is supposed to tell you about the ego, the rising sign tells you who you really are, your Moon placement tells you about your emotions, and the First House is known as the House of self. In most cases, the first House is where the rising sign resides. This is the House that tells you about your true self. It gives you insight into how you come across. For example, you can have more than one planet and that can affect your personality differently and how you come across to other people.

Breath deeply.

Let's say you have a Saturn, a planet known as heavier, restrictive and let's say it's in your First House, this will display itself as a personality that is more prone to hard work, rather than being emotional. Perhaps even a pessimist or sarcastic personality. If you have an empty house, this isn't a bad thing. It simply means that your personality isn’t quite defined, YET.

Go ahead and inhale and exhale.

Now, let us ask for all of the astrological energy to interweave and flow down into our crown chakra, into the brow, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, sacral, and root. Ask them to bring in all of the wisdom of the archetypes so that you can understand personalities within yourself and other people. Once we know how to explain something, because we understand it, it stops being hard or taxing.

Breath this energy in deeper.

I hope you enjoyed this session of “Astrology and personality”. Ashe.

Psychic Halo x4168
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