The Mindful Path EP11: Connecting With Your Tarot Spirit Guides
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The Mindful Path EP11: Connecting With Your Tarot Spirit Guides

January 10, 2022 by Psychic Halo x4168

PathForward welcomes you to tune out the noises of the day and tune in to our tranquil guided mediation series, The Mindful Path. Breathe in, breathe out and let’s begin.



Episode 11

Tarot is a spiritual tool, also known as a divination tool, that helps bring through intuitive information about most aspects of life and death. Many report learning life lessons, getting clarity on decisions, and being able to prepare for the future all from using Tarot.

If you are unfamiliar with Tarot, it can seem intimidating to learn, but help is available. This meditation will help you work with a Tarot Spirit Guide to learn how the Tarot will help you. You will develop your own definitions of the cards from working one on one with your guide.


Blessings abundant to all of you. This is Halo here with another guided meditation. Just like myself and the Tarot teachers that taught me, YOU also have Tarot Spirit Guides. And a Tarot Spirit Guide's first and foremost job is to guide you to have an interest in Tarot in the first place. And so you may have noticed yourself going on social media and joining groups around Tarot or you felt guided to purchase a book or even a deck or just use the Tarot even though you don't know exactly which each card means. That lets you know that there is a Tarot Spirit Guide at work in your life to help you learn the Tarot.

This guided meditation will help you be introduced to this guide and build a relationship. Let's begin the meditation. Repeat out loud that you are open, ready, willing, and able to work with your Tarot Spirit Guide right now.

Good. Begin to invite your mind, your body, and being to relax. And as you relax more and more... Going deeper and deeper into relaxation, you will invoke into your space a field of protection. You will do this by visualizing a symbol that represents protection to you. This can be White Light, a Golden Ball of protection, perhaps a shield. Whatever it is, visualize it to the best of your ability. And see it, moving all the way around your space. 360 degrees, above and below. And as this symbol is traveling through your space, we are invoking the following statement. You can say it telepathically or out loud:

"Every energetic plant which the Divine has not planted shall be uprooted in my space and my life right now. There is no false growth in my life and in my space. And there is nothing for false growth to feed upon. I am now free from all thought of or belief in, anything false or fearful. I cast out all fears and all the manifestation of fear and now I affirm that only the trustworthy, the loving are allowed to enter and remain in my space and I ask that you do so right now. Please plant seeds of goodness, truth, love. I am now one with Infinite's intelligence. I am perfect, whole and completely healed, and present in this moment. And indeed it is so."

You're now going to ask for your Tarot Spirit Guide to enter into your space and to come close enough to you and your aura so that you can pick up on its energy. Invite it to reveal its energy essence to you in a way that you can comprehend. In a way that you can feel. In a way that you can see and hear. And just pause; allow the Spirit Guide to follow through on your request.

Feel free to pause this recording if need be so that you have as much time to prepare for the next question. And that question is, "Tarot Spirit Guide, please reveal to me the card within Tarot that best represents my energy."

This is also known as the signifier or significator card of the Tarot. Just notice the answer as it comes through.

Next, you're going to ask "what would you advise for me to do in order to master the Tarot?"

And the last question you'll ask --unless your intuition guides you to ask additional questions. Definitely, if you feel you have additional questions, ask them at this time. The last question I will give you is to ask the Tarot Spirit Guide. You will ask, "what specifically can I do in the upcoming days to better connect with you" OR you can instead ask, "what life lessons or messages is this Spirit Guide trying to share with you and teach you?"

Once you feel that you have clarity on the answer, you can use your Tarot cards right now or you can simply let the Tarot Spirit Guide leave your space. Share gratitude and follow through on the advice that this spirit guide gave you. That will build the connection, bond, and relationship.

That concludes our meditation for today.

Psychic Halo x4168
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