The Mindful Path EP6: Balancing Your Thymus/ Higher Heart Chakra
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The Mindful Path EP6: Balancing Your Thymus/ Higher Heart Chakra

November 10, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
PathForward welcomes you to tune out the noises of the day and tune in to our tranquil guided mediation series, The Mindful Path. Breathe in, breathe out and let’s begin.

Episode 6

The Thymus Chakra is slightly above your heart and beneath your throat. It is a newly forming chakra for many that helps to connect you to your higher self and balance your life purpose.  This chakra is where ‘intent’ originates. Your soul's intention.

Connecting to it more will help clarify your direction in life. Practice this meditation on a daily basis to build the connection and strengthen communication with your soul. Doing so, will empower you to speak from the heart and live in love.


It's time again! My name is Halo and I will be guiding you through a meditation where we focus on balancing the Thymus Chakra, also called the Higher Heart Chakra. This meditation is simple. Focus on your hands. Have your hands facing one another about a shoulder's length apart. You can be sitting with your hands in your lap. Or you can be standing but just make sure there is distance in between your hands and that they are facing one another. Good.

When you are ready, focus on your dominant hand. This is the hand you write with. And think of beautiful turquoise light filling up that hand and when you're reading think of sending it to the other hand. Just with your intention, seek to send this beautiful light into the opposite hand and that opposite hand catches it. And then, it sends it back to the other hand and the other hand receives it. You're going to ping pong back this light from one hand to the other. Going at your own pace. Back and forth. Sending and receiving.

When you are ready, match your breathing with your sending and receiving. As you inhale, you will be receiving that light, and as you exhale you will be sending the energy back. Inhaling, receive, and exhale, sending. In and out. Fill up your lungs and let your lungs be emptied. This will help to keep you focused: breathing as you send and receive. Excellent.

And now, bring your right hand just a little bit above your Heart Chakra and bring your left hand just below your throat chakra. Intend to send that turquoise light through your right hand up into the Thymus chakra that is connected with the thymus gland, up into your left hand and then your left hand will send it right back through the thymus chakra back to the right hand. Up and down. Inhaling and exhaling. Let the energy just flow in and out between your hands. Perfect.

And when you're ready, you're going to make fists and as the energy goes into one hand [fist], you're simply going tap. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap... Sending the energy down, or up and then once the other hand catches it, sill having that fist, and gently/lovingly tapping over the Thymus Chakra area again, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. Tap as many times as you would like. This helps to activate the Thymus Chakra. It even helps the thymus gland.

And then if you want to, you can say the following affirmations to your chakra: "I am centered in love."  "I am passionate about my passions."  "I have compassion for all."  "I listen to myself." "I birth more love into this world."  Inhale [this energy] one more time.

And so it is.

This meditation is a simple exercise. Do it as often as you feel guided to. And I wish you the best for the rest of your day, or night or evening. Blessed Be.
Psychic Halo x4168
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