Things to Know Before Getting a Phone Reading vs. An In-Person Reading by Psychic Lotus

Things to Know Before Getting a Phone Reading vs. An In-Person Reading by Psychic Lotus

July 11, 2016
Know the pros and cons of phone readings vs. in-person readings to get the best experience.
Is one really better than the other?

First I will point out that each type of reading is different in its own way. 

Psychic phone readings can be difficult when put under a time restraint such as two minutes and 23 seconds! It’s hard to pick up what someone is trying to relay in such a short time, especially if you’ve never spoken to them before.

Energy that comes from the client can be rushed as they feel the time ticking away. They speak too fast and you miss what they’re trying to convey—not just in words but in their energy as well. For this reason, I encourage you to be prepared and calm when you have a short phone psychic reading.

Phone reception can also be an issue. Can I hear what they are saying clearly? Will I have to make them repeat what they are saying to give an accurate and true reading?

With much experience, I’ve learned to tune into the client quickly and pick up their emotions as soon as they begin to speak. However, a lot of this does depend on the caller. Background noise, eating on the phone, driving, poor phone quality, and the energy of the caller all factor into the phone reading.

Now I’ll cover in-person psychic readings, which can have problems as well.

Nervous clients who focus too much on the "atmosphere" or the psychic and not enough on the answers they‘re seeking can create blocks that are hard to read past. When the client is afraid of the psychic being judgmental, they’re not allowing themselves to be read. This creates a block, even if the client is not aware.

If you choose to provide half-truths or misinformation, the psychic can read through it but it can be draining. It will take time and the outcome can be confusing for you as well as the psychic. So make sure you’re honest and you will receive a better outcome.

This is less likely to happen on the phone where people feel more comfortable and are more relaxed in their own space. They can open up more because they’re less fearful of being judged. This makes phone readings more positive and relaxed for both psychic and client.

Phone readings, as well as in-person readings, depend on the expertise and experience of the psychic. In the end, one is not harder than the other or better. They both have positives and negatives.

You and the psychic bring the energy together to make for a clear and accurate balanced reading—be it on the phone or in person!
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