Vacations for Body and Mind

Vacations for Body and Mind

July 07, 2020
Summer means vacations! What does that mean for you?
Summer means vacations! What does that mean for you?
Summertime is here. Summer is often equated with vacations, because quite frankly, most people take their vacations during this time.

Some people approach a pending trip with enthusiasm, joy, excitement, and a sense of adventure. But other people may look at the pending trip with a feeling of dread.

So, having stated those two scenarios, let us look deeper into this arena known as “vacation.”   First, a vacation is a way of changing your every day routine and having something different happen in your life.  This helps you to shift your thoughts and energy into something that will produce a new experience in for you.  If you look at your trip in this manner, you will automatically reap the rewards that are being offered to you by breaking from your normal routine.

Just for the sake of argument, say you don’t actually take a trip during your vacation but just stay close to home. Even doing this is a change in your normal routine and allows for an energy shift to happen. You’ll have the chance to experience life in a new and different way.

What if your trip feels like an obligation, such as having to and visit people you’d rather not be around?  And what if this “obligation” makes you feel like it isn’t really a vacation because you’ll be interacting with said people?  However, you can still view this from a different perspective.

You might learn something about yourself and gain insight about tapping into your inner strength and power. Then, you’d really be making internal progress and could view the whole experience as an adventure!

Simply put, life is an adventure.  No matter what we do we are always learning from our life experiences.  So, keep this sense of adventure in mind as you set out on your vacation.  And have fun with it all!

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