What Are Spiritual Contracts From Past Lives?
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What Are Spiritual Contracts From Past Lives?

August 27, 2020
Is your past life dictating your future?
Is your past life dictating your future?
What exactly is a spiritual contract?  
It’s an energetic and spiritual agreement between individuals that is put in place before the individuals reincarnate to Earth.

Why do we, as individuals, put these contracts into place?  
Spiritual contracts have specific purposes so that the people involved have a chance to grow, reconnect, correct something from a past life, or continue to experience a positive connection from a past life by bringing the connection into this life.  Those are just a few of the reasons why people agree to spiritual contracts.

A good indicator that you may be in an energetic and spiritual contract with another person is when you feel a deep connection with the person.  Or you may feel very strongly about your connection with the person and you have an inner knowing that you’re together to fulfill something.

I often get questions from clients about why they may be “hanging in there” in a relationship with another person when the other person continues to pull away.  For example, maybe a significant other has told you that he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship you still have feelings for the man and can’t seem to move on.  And on top of all this, hanging in there is totally against your usual way of handling things when someone has turned his back on you.

So, you start questioning yourself by wondering if you’re weak or needy and all kinds of other negative emotions and feelings about yourself because you’re in a holding pattern waiting for the other person to return.  You’re wondering, “Where have my wisdom and self-worth gone?”

The indicator that there’s a spiritual contract in place is when you realize that doing all of the above totally goes against your better judgment. 

What does this mean for you and the situation?
When you hang in there and wait for the other person to come back, you’re fulfilling your end of the contract and allowing the other person to come to their senses and move forward with the contract in place.  However, you do not have to hang in there indefinitely.  That is the good news!  

There will come a time when the other person will actually return or you’ll feel the freedom to move on.  You can give the other person a chance but you’re not obligated to continue on this pattern forever.  By allowing the person to own up to the contract, you’re actually fulfilling your agreement and you can either move on or be together.

If you have to move on you’ll have an inner knowing that you gave the other person all you could and that happiness awaits you with another person.  

Mostly, you will have learned and experienced from the situation and be rewarded for your efforts.

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