What Is an Aura and What Aura Am I?
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

What Is an Aura and What Aura Am I?

March 12, 2023 by PathForward
What does the color of your aura say about you?
What does the color of your aura say about you?

Just beyond your body lies an aura of colorful energy. That aura can tell you a whole lot about yourself.

What Is an Aura?

Human beings radiate a very low level of electricity. This is known as an electromagnetic field and can also be understood as a spiritual aura. Ancient medicine systems like the Vedas, which are Hindu scriptures, believe this energy is expressed in seven layers. So, how exactly can you understand an aura meaning? In these practices, every layer is thought to correlate to a different element of your health. That includes your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Many believe these layers interact with each other, impacting your health overall.

All in all, you can understand an aura as a luminous body surrounding your physical body. Each layer surrounds your body in an energy net. Any issues in a given layer will also surround your body, so understanding your aura can benefit all components of your health. Aura colors relate to the chakra system, so shamans and practitioners interpret aura colors for insight into an individual's personality and well-being.

What Aura Do I Give Off?

Once you know what an aura is in general, you're likely thinking, "What aura am I?" Special cameras offer the most precise way to see your aura, but of course, you need access to special equipment to delve into aura analysis that way. Fortunately, there are other ways you can sense or see the energy fields that surround your body.

Some folks can see their own aura by softening and squinting their eyes just a bit as they look into a mirror. This method does take some practice, so don't worry if you can't quite figure out what color your aura is the first time you look. You can usually pick up your aura best in your peripheral vision. In other words, if you focus on your aura, you usually can't see it — but if you look away, sometimes you can start to catch a glimpse of light or colors.

Tune in to your ability to focus, meditate, and engage with your spiritual energy when trying to spot your aura. Speaking with an intuitive Psychic Advisor can offer a great way to find personalized tips for identifying and understanding your aura. Here are five common aura colors and what they represent to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect:

Red Aura

If your aura color is red, you're likely energetic, grounded, and strong-willed. Since red often represents tangible changes in your life (think: career shifts, moving, or relationship changes), you might find you have a lot of this energy if you're going through one of these chapter changes. In terms of the chakra system, red is the foundation. The root chakra functions to ground people, letting us feel safe and secure both in ourselves and in the lives we're trying to shape.

Red energy can sometimes be misunderstood as a negative, out-of-balance thing. When you're going through major changes, though, you need the grounding energy your root chakra brings to the table. When it comes to your personality, a red aura means you're big on leadership and taking action. Folks with red auras take initiative. Adventurers and doers almost always have red in their auras, no matter where they are in their life at a given moment.

Yellow Aura

Bright and sunny yellow represents the solar plexus. When you're looking at a yellow aura from the big picture, it's the aura that plays into someone's intellect, confidence, and power. You're likely a friendly, creative, and relaxed person if you have a yellow aura. Representative of a sharp intellect and strong mind, yellow also deals with the happiness and energy you give off on a daily basis.

Green Aura

Since green reflects the heart chakra, you'll often find a green aura in people who have a lot of energy from this chakra. These folks are about nurturing themselves and self-love, but they're also typically really open and generous with others. You'll also find green in your aura if you're going through some kind of transformation when you're using your self-love vibes to overcome a challenge. Maybe for you, it's grappling with grief or beginning a new job or role (parenthood, for instance).

A green aura means you're nurturing, social, and a good communicator. If you spot green in your aura, take it as a chance to learn, reflect on yourself, and grow.

Blue Aura

Intuitive and spiritual freethinkers, folks with a blue aura have an aura that reflects the throat chakra. The throat chakra represents how we express ourselves and communicate. This isn't only about speaking since we humans can express ourselves in many different ways. The key here is really making sure you have a true cyan blue as your aura. If it's lighter or darker, you may have a different aura altogether.

Black Aura

Hold up. Can you actually have a black aura? Turns out not really. If you do have a black aura, it's a sign that you have a lack of energy and you're feeling burnt out. This can be the case if you have colors in your aura, but they're all incredibly dim.

A black or dim aura can mean you're exhausted from all sorts of things. Maybe you're finding your energy depleted by arguing or just being around someone who burns out your energy. Maybe you're in an environment or situation with that type of effect. A black aura is really a hole in the aura, not a color itself — and it's a sign you need to find ways to change things up so you can recharge.

When you need help figuring out what aura you are — and what steps you can take to improve your health and wellness based on your aura — it's time to get a Psychic Reading. An intuitive Psychic can help you take the right steps on your personal journey based on your aura, so speak with a PathForward Psychic today!


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