Why You're Blocked Up, and What You Can Do About It
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Why You're Blocked Up, and What You Can Do About It

April 28, 2021 by Psychic Violet x4176
Serenity is found when you energy runs freely.
Serenity is found when you energy runs freely.

When you are blocked - be it a blockage of the heart, the soul, or the chakras that rule both - it becomes difficult to attract positive people, energy, and opportunities. Reading self-help books, balancing chakras and other tools and techniques performed by healers will only help you if you also play your part in the process by actively making a change and monitoring your progress. If you find yourself noticing that you walk away from your healing sessions and self-help activities feeling amazing at first, but then feel yourself quickly slipping back into your old patterns and emotions, it is likely because you did not play your part in the process. You must train your mind to be positive and loving towards yourself as well as the world around you in order to completely unblock yourself. If you identify with any of these behaviors listed below, it may be time to make a change by using the tips that follow. 

#1 Do you look at others and wish you have what they have?  

The mind is a powerful tool that creates our dreams and destiny through conscious and unconscious thoughts. You must show genuine happiness for others while proclaiming your own destiny and believing you can achieve it. This type of faith in ‘self’ is so powerful and when you have it you will not covet the creations of others in an envious way.  

Tip: When you see something or someone and you feel these jealous thoughts emerge, counteract them with prayer and/or positive wishes towards that person or situation. Continue to do this until you drown the negative thoughts and begin to feel the soft glow of happiness and hope for self, ultimately shifting your attitude from jealous to inspired.  

#2 Do you take from everyone but rarely give? 

The universe thrives energetically on the cycle of giving and although it may not return right away, it is important to give and give. There are so many ways you can give, and it is not all about the money.  

Tip: Volunteer and find a local charity to be active in. Do something for someone who is constantly going out of there way for you (just because someone has more money than you doesn’t mean they should always be the one doing - the universe does not see it that way). Stop showing up to people’s events empty handed, give thank you cards, start expressing more gratitude for those around you and the universe, compliment strangers, and smile when eye contact is made. If follow these tips, you will feel a positive energetic shift in you and those around you which will allow your mind to manifest the hopes and dreams that live in your head. Stop being a taker because givers receive more!  

#3 Are you constantly looking for answers but not solutions or advice?  

Do you complain but never actively look to solve issues? Do you feel like you are not smart enough to come up with solutions for yourself without the help of others? Our trials are a necessary step toward appreciating that which we will be rewarded with. The universe will test you and test you until it feels you are ready to receive your desires and wishes. But you cannot pass these tests by cheating and stealing the answers from someone else, figuratively speaking. Failure and sacrifice are necessary in the process of success. Allow yourself to solve your own issues and learn from them.  

Tip: Take “I can’t” out of your vocabulary and stop looking to others to fix your problems because they are only hindering you from learning your own life lessons as they continue to find ways of helping you avoid them.  

I hope you now realized that the one most responsible for blocking you up… is you. You have allowed yourself to become a prisoner to feeling insecure, stuck, and lost. But in truth, you are none of the above, you simply have lacked the action necessary to break the cycle of these unhealthy thoughts. Use the tips above daily and watch your life change for the better each day.  It is time to unblock yourself and start moving towards healing and spiritual awakening. And if you ever need additional guidance, you know I’m only a phone call away


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