Wicca 101: How to Cast a Protection Spell
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Wicca 101: How to Cast a Protection Spell

July 03, 2023 by Psychic Gaia x4273
Stay safe in troubled times with these simple protection spells.
Stay safe in troubled times with these simple protection spells.

We are living in challenging times, where the need and desire to protect oneself from environmental and situational occurrences is stronger than ever. Protection magic is as old as time and easy to practice. Try a simple protection spell or a protection charm or ritual. With intent and action, it is possible to create a protective shield around yourself from worldly woes. Protection magic helps us to feel safe in a world where anything can happen. In these increasingly violent and chaotic times, the practice of anxiety-reducing simple protective rituals and spells, and the use of protective charms all help to rebalance the nervous system and bring peace to our hearts.

What is a Wiccan Protection Spell?

Protection magic is all about staying centered and grounded amidst the chaos. The news today is filled with terror and fear-inducing incidents. It is very easy to become fear-based and lose touch with one’s inner magic because of such events. Over time, anxiety and worry can have damaging effects for both physical and mental health, in addition to create an unpleasant and destructive environment for you and the people in your life. When you practice protection magic, it is way to stay embodied and strong despite whatever is going on around us.

How to Cast a Simple Protection Spell

For centuries, humans have used magic to clear away stagnant energy and shield themselves from harmful vibes. One simple way to perform a wiccan protection spell is by praying to the elements. You don’t need anything other than the power of your own voice. When you are calm, recite this spell three times: Powers of night and day, I summon thee. I call upon you to protect me. So may it be. It is immensely powerful to use words as often as possible to strengthen your aura. This gives you a deeper connection to your own intuition and inner wisdom, which will prove beneficial in the long run. You can also use smoke magic to clear away evil energy and purify a living space. Use one of the following: incense, herbs, sage, palo Santo, candles. Set an intention as you light the flame: I light this flame and call upon protection against any and all negative forces, seen and unseen. Please grant me safety and align me with my path for the highest good and purest of intentions. Continue to protect your home by clearing away clutter, tossing salt outside the door, and adding healing crystals to various areas of the room.

How to Make and Use a Protection Charm

The art of sacred adornment will also help keep you protected as you make your way through the world. Try wearing protective crystals — obsidian, turquoise, or carnelian to balance. Find pieces that you are naturally drawn to or that have a deeper meaning to you. You can hang evil eye charms up in the home or wear the charm around your neck. This will protect you from negative energy and the harm of others. You can also play around with the use of different colors to affect positive change in your life. White is known to uplift. It is a purifying color that will increase the magnitude of your aura. If you are looking for strength, red can symbolize empowerment. It is also important to cleanse your charms and talismans and then charge them under the light of the full moon. Hold them in your hand and infuse them with your intention. When you notice you are anxious or stressed about your day, you can hold the charm in your hand to reap the benefits of its powerful and healing vibes.

How to Perform a Protection Ritual

Rituals are another element of protection magic. One of the best places to start with ritual is in the home. Our homes are reflections of us and have a great effect on how we behave and carry ourselves through the world. A stable, calm, safe home free from negative energy and harm is absolutely essential in these times. Clean your home from chaos and clutter, and also spray a cleansing room spray to rid the space of harmful entities and bad vibes. Hang protective talismans and healing charms in various places throughout the home. We can also burn smoke while repeating healing and protective affirmations. Creating a protective space goes beyond the waking world. Before bed, it can be important to play healing frequencies to prepare the self for the dream space and clear out any stagnant energy from the day. Finally, we can bring ritual into our kitchens by keeping our pantries stocked with foods that heal and strengthen. Try preparing a basic fire cider with chopped herbs and vegetables packed in a jar with apple cider vinegar. Take a shot of this as often as you can, especially during cold and flu season.

These times can be challenging, but as magical practitioners, we have many tools in the toolbox that can help us to better navigate our realities. Whether you opt for a protective talisman worn around the neck or a simple room cleanse with a protective smoke, there are plenty of options for effective protective magic that you can try. Practice them on a regular basis to increase feelings of calm, safety, and peace in a chaotic world. A healthy and regulated nervous system is always your greatest asset in times of great uncertainty and dis-ease.


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