Dealing with Heartache: Moving On Through a Breakup Tarot

Dealing with Heartache: Moving On Through a Breakup Tarot

May 15, 2022 by Psychic Lucine x4266

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We have all experienced the pains of a breakup. Sometimes this pain numbs us well into the future, reflecting and projecting insecurities and fears from past relationships that failed to be. We can only dream, wish, and intend to have a happy outcome, with great expectations of the human heart.

Today we are discussing ways to lessen the pain of a break-up with a love tarot spread reading, and how a heartbreak tarot reading can help aid in soothing and easing the pains we feel deeply engraved inside our hearts. 

What is a Breakup Tarot Reading? 

A breakup tarot reading helps us look through the lens of the rational, and within this framework to explore what went sour, what situations caused issues, and how to prevent further patterns. We all know that, as humans, we all adapt to pain differently - sometimes easily, sometimes not so easily - allowing ourselves the privilege of knowing what is true to us without shutting off our hearts. What we can look forward to is the power to hold the emotions of self-love to know that no matter what occurred in our previous or current path in love, we do deserve to be treated with dignity and affection. And the experience of a relationship, good or bad, brings with it an element of self-development. Thus, heartbreak plays a pivotal role in accepting our needs by looking right into them, rather than ignoring or suppressing them.

A breakup tarot spread reading or heartbreak tarot can aid you with showing the necessary steps for healing, we need to face the facts of what makes us truly happy and feel fulfilled, and sometimes no matter what happens and how much effort we put into making relationships work, the relationship eventually comes to an end!

"You cannot make somebody else happy by sacrificing your own happiness."  

The breakup spread will help us to look at why the relationship ended, your feelings at the time and your feelings now, their feelings at the time and their feelings now, their actions that led to this breakup, your actions that led to this breakup, what you earned and given from the relationship (spiritually, emotionally, physically), what they earned, staying in the present moment and what actions to take for helping through the transition, how to move on emotionally and be happier.


What do Certain Cards Mean in a Heartache Tarot Reading?

Cards to look out for in a breakup tarot spread reading, which are indicative that a separation and permanent breakup is on the horizon are:

The three of swords - A painful situation that may lead to a painful conclusion/ending

The death card - A time of transformation, transmutations, and the awareness to let go and allow for changes such as the end of a relationship.

The tower card - An external situation that pushes you unexpectedly to think things through, force, and make long-term assessments that involve situations outside your control. (Though sometimes the tower card symbolizes great upheaval and external events that shake up things in your life and surviving your relationships)

The five of cups - Looking at the situation in your relationships and feeling disappointed, upset, hurt, and contemplating what is bothering you looking straight into the situation at hand,

The eight of cups - The decisions to leave behind a relationship that is not working out for your own good, leaving and letting things be without you putting in any more work. Letting go.

The ten of swords - The feeling of abandonment, pain in extremity, loneliness, isolation, feeling betrayed, not having your voice heard, working against you while people talk behind your back.

The five of swords - Acting out like a coward, arguing to an extreme in order to win a fight, physical fighting, excess pride that will lead a person nowhere in terms of honor and respect.


As we can see the swords cards play an important role in cutting through the illusions as seen through the lens of rationale. Swords can also indicate arguments, heated debates, and physical fighting. In these cases, it is best for you to play by your own safety and to consider your own well-being. No relationship is worth harming oneself or another in order to self preserve an identity, an argument, or pride. Always seek to understand that the most valuable thing is your own mental, emotional, and physical health and that if anything or anyone jeopardizes your well-being then it is time to put yourself first and leave that person behind!

Get a Breakup Tarot Reading

We must find peace and mental stability within own selves... If you feel you would like some additional advice and some clarity during a breakup, you should contact your Tarot Psychic and ask for a breakup tarot spread reading, to help aid you in additional support and emotional conformation!! For final advice and to help you with additional clarity a break-up tarot spread reading is not the end-all final destination, but a guide to help you get back to your original self and reach success within your own skin rather through another person who is not meant to stay in your life.


Psychic Lucine x4266
Lucine is a Clairvoyant specializing in Reiki transformation and healing who uses her gifts of intuition to help her clients in complex or difficult matters. She is certified as a Master Reiki teacher and is an Ordained Minister in Metaphysics with over 20 years of experience in spiritual psychic readings. Psychic Lucine x4266

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