How to do a 5 Card Cross Tarot Reading
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How to do a 5 Card Cross Tarot Reading

March 06, 2023 by Psychic Jewel x4294
Ready to learn how to pull and read a 5-card tarot spread? We gothu.
Ready to learn how to pull and read a 5-card tarot spread? We gothu.

The 5-card cross tarot reading is a more advanced tarot spread that provides more insight and details about your situation. If you have mastered the 3-card reading, you are ready for a 5-card cross tarot spread. The layout of this reading is very similar to a 3-card reading, with two additional cards above and below the second card, creating the shape of a cross. A good way of using this spread is in the traditional past, present and future format, except with two extra cards to gain insight into what can potentially help or hinder you in the situation you are asking about.


Prepping the Deck

A freshly cleansed and shuffled deck is ready to be laid out in formation. Take your time deciphering the meaning of the past, present and future cards as this will make it easier to interpret your 4th and 5th cards - what can help and potentially hinder you. Of course, we embody so many energies at every point in life. Still, the past, present and future cards are meant to pinpoint whatever specific energy relates to what is on our heart and mind at the time of the reading and to express whatever special message you need to hear.

I love this reading format because it can be applied to any situation. Whether you are looking for a general message from your spirit guides or want insight into a particular circumstance or relationship, this reading is perfect. You can understand the energy in the past that led you to where you are now. Interpreting the present card, your attention will be drawn to a specific aspect of your current circumstances leading you to the future energy as depicted by the third card in your spread. The 4th card is very important because this is the energy you can draw from to help you through your situation. This card is to be interpreted in a way that is positive advice for you to implement into your life or character, depending upon the card you have drawn. Say, for example, your 4th card, which represents things that can help you now, is the Chariot. You could interpret this to mean that taking charge of your life and moving forward without hesitation is your advice and will help you to align with your highest good and the things you are trying to manifest. 

Hearing “what can potentially hinder you” sounds daunting at first. But always remember that you are the master of your own destiny and the creator of your own fate. Never forfeit your personal power. Remember that tarot cards are only meant to help and never to hinder. The 5th card in this spread is meant to make you aware of potential hindrances but implementing the advice from your 4th card can help you to avert any potential setbacks. For example, your 5th card representing potential obstacles you may face is the 3 of Pentacles. This could mean that people around you, maybe friends, family, or co-workers, could block you from your path. But drawing from the advice received in the 4th card, the Chariot, you now know to continue moving forward without any hesitation despite the opinions or actions of others. 

Remember, as always, that the interpretation of your reading comes from your inner knowing. That said, I cannot stress enough how important it is to become comfortable accessing the flow state. The flow state is a meditative or trance-like state you can access quickly with practice. If you are becoming a reader, trying to connect more to your higher self, or expanding your spiritual practice, daily meditation is a tremendous help. 

This type of reading is very empowering and should leave you or the person you are reading for feeling motivated, inspired, and prepared for what lies ahead. Such an important and often missed part of tarot card readings is this. You must know and truly believe that everything is always working out for your highest good. You must truly believe in your power to manifest anything you desire while simultaneously releasing control of how things manifest in your life. We should also be open to unexpected changes because oftentimes what we really deserve and will manifest in our life can be much greater than what we were able to imagine for ourselves. 

Learning to read tarot cards is so beneficial. Using this 5-card cross tarot spread, we can gain insight into our lives, drawing us closer to our spirit guides and intuition, and advancement in our spiritual practice. If you are using this reading to guide others, you will be able to assist them in reflecting on the past, knowing what to expect and how to navigate the upcoming energies. Tarot readings are my favorite form of divination, and I am honored to be able to guide others in this practice. I hope that this explanation of a 5-card cross tarot spread will inspire you to tap into the collective consciousness, bringing us all that much closer together.

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