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Tarot Tutorial: Ace of Cups

July 02, 2022 by PathForward
Discover the meaning of the Ace of Cups!
Discover the meaning of the Ace of Cups!

Like the first sip of sweet tea on a hot summer afternoon, the Ace of Cup brings in soothing and rejuvenating energy whenever it appears. All of the tarot Aces are about small trickles turning into tidal waves. Being tied to the element of water, Ace of Cups has a gentleness that can lead to profound revitalization of multiple aspects of your life. But you need to nurture that flow. Otherwise, you might find that invigorating force all dried up before you can drink deep from it. 


The Ace of Cups in a Love Reading

The Ace of Cups is one of the most positive cards that can turn up in a love reading. The element of water is all about the deep feels. Put that together with the new start promised by all the aces—ooh, girl! This card just screams that emotionally fulfilling love is right around the corner. You might feel like you and your new bae vibe with each other on a deep soul level. There's a level of connection where you just completely get each other. So… is this your soul mate? Maybe! Def check the surrounding cards, but even the most promising relationships can wither if they aren't well grounded. If you want to keep them around for the long haul, take the time to work out any practical details in the relationship that might cause friction. 

In a long-term relationship? The Ace of Cups can signal an event that causes you and your boo to bond in a new way or discover a new side of each other. You might share a moment of emotional vulnerability that makes your relationship stronger than ever. Little things might remind you of why you two got together in the first place. You can expect a second honeymoon period in your relationship, filled with romance and genuine connection. Enjoy every second of it! 

If the Ace of Cups came up reversed in a love reading, things look less than awesome. You may have some unrequited love -ish to deal with. Alternatively, something might be keeping you and a potential new love out of synch with each other. Chances are that left-over emotions or baggage from a previous relationship keeps one or both of you from feeling entirely emotionally invested. You may be letting your fears of what could be holding you back from embracing what's right in front of you. Bestie, take the time to assess whether or not your anxiety is self-sabotaging your chance at a healthy, loving relationship. Sometimes true love requires extra work on our part. But it's worth it. 


The Ace of Cups in a Future Reading 

Even if you didn't ask about romance, the Ace of Cups is strongly tied to love and relationships. So don't be surprised if you find a new lover or a period of renewed love in your future. But love can take all sorts of forms – the love between siblings, the love between a parent and child, the love between BFFs. The Ace of Cups can signal a new period of emotional connection in so many ways. Keep your heart open to them to manifest love more fully in your life. After all, who COULDN'T use a boost of loving energy? Also, don't write off self-love either. Have you been as kind as you can to yourself? Now might be a great time to start a new self-care routine. 

In addition to love, the Ace of Cups is linked with intuition, spirituality, and deeper knowing. Don't be surprised if an opportunity pops up for you to get into a new metaphysical practice, like meditation, astrology, or *cough* tarot (you're here reading this, after all). Or maybe you're just feeling the pull to start or reconnect with a spiritual practice, which may be the perfect time to start it. Also, the Ace of Cups might simply be a reminder to check in with your intuition about a situation. If your gut is sending a message to you right now, pay attention. 

If the Ace of Cups comes up reversed in a future reading, this could be a warning that you are letting fear take too much rent-free space in your mind. Second-guessing and doubting yourself are going to leave a toll on your well-being. This can sabotage or dry up the flow of intuitive, high vibe energy that normally goes with this card (not to mention strangle your connections with others). Sis, you need to take a step back and give yourself some "me time" to clarify what's really going on and how you truly feel about it. 


The Ace of Cups in a Career Reading

The Ace of Cups is an interesting card to get in a career reading. Most people think about the cheddar involved when it comes to working, but this ace asks you to listen to your heart. An opportunity to take on a project or job more aligned with your core values might present itself. Unless the surrounding cards are showing otherwise, don't expect a huge financial change to go along with it. But taking this on might help you learn something more important about yourself. That, in turn, can influence your future career growth plans. Do some soul searching to see if this opportunity is right for you at this time or something to keep in mind for future growth. 

Seeing the Ace of Cups turn up in a career reading might also mean that you need to start taking a more intuitive or emotion-centered approach to your current job. Yeah, that might not feel like second nature in a job that's oriented around facts and figures. But there are actual humans you interact with, right? It might be a good time to get to know your team better. Show up for off-hours fun time or strike up a good conversation during downtime. When there's a genuine connection, teams just work better. 

If the Ace of Cups comes up reversed in a career reading, it's an indication that anxiety is getting the better of you when it comes to work. Whether it's because of something going on with office politics or a narrative you've let take over your mind, things are on the verge of becoming emotionally toxic enough to impact your life. First, take a giant step back—either mentally or taking a couple of days off to decompress and objectively assess what's really going on. The surrounding cards can let you know how bad the situation really is. But if you've done the soul searching and know that toxicity will only grow from here, start making an exit plan to get to a more mentally healthy work situation. 


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