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Tarot Tutorial: King of Swords

June 16, 2022 by PathForward

Quick with a joke and always knowing just the right thing to say, this king epitomizes having the gift of gab. The King of Swords often comes across as one of the smartest ones in the room, or at very least one of the most entertaining. His wit is often as sharp as the suit he’s identified with, and he knows how to wield words well to get what he wants. The King of Swords is linked to Air signs, so they can represent an adult born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. 

Remember, court cards don’t always refer to a specific gender or even to one particular person. Sometimes they show up as a nudge from the Universe when it’s time to embody aspects of the royal in question. All the Kings represent a mature and outward focus, and the suit of swords is tied strongly to words, curiosity, and cleverness. This king can be a charmer, especially if there’s something (or someone) he’s set his mind on. 

king of swords meaning

The King of Swords in a Love Reading 

This king has a rep for being a brainiac, but you can’t discount the King of Sword’s ability to have fun. He can get pretty much anyone laughing and smiling easily. The King of Swords meaning in a love reading spread, can indicate a relationship with a lot of good communication and many good times together. You and your partner banter and flirt with each other constantly and genuinely have a blast when you’re together. This is the kind of relationship where you might be out for hours on a date, but the time flies by. Whether this is a new relationship or a new stage in an old one, you should definitely make the most of the connection if you want to build lasting happiness. 

If the King of Swords shows up in a position representing you in a love reading, it can be a sign to initiate more conversation. Silence isn’t golden in a relationship, and it’s more of a relationship killer. Yeah, maybe you have to make the first move here, but you can start by being playful and fun like the King of Swords, and leave the door open for deeper talk if it comes up. If the King of Swords comes up representing your partner, expect to laugh a lot and to be sweet-talked right into the bedroom. The good news is that this mature king typically knows what he wants and doesn’t waste time chasing things that don’t click with him. If he’s taking the time to sweet-talk you there, then he’s 100% into you. 

The King of Swords reversed feels like a bucket of ice water in a love reading. This is a sign that one or both of you might be too much inside your own head to really be able to connect with another person genuinely. Internal monologue is eating up the possibility of external communication that could strengthen your relationship. There’s also a chance that mental gymnastics are an avoidance tactic because of the fear of getting too emotionally invested. Being good with words also translates to being good with lies and excuses for the reversed position. Whether this card represents you or your boo, the only way to deal with it being real with each other, and if that’s too much to handle, it’s probably best to say goodbye.    


The King of Swords in a Future Reading 

If you see the King of Swords show up in a future reading, expect a situation where you will have to use your knowledge, your wits, or both to get control of a situation. Clear thinking will win the day, so make sure you get your head straight about all the details before proceeding. The surrounding cards in the reading can offer you extra insight into the truth of the situation. Once you have the facts, you’ll be able to fight your battle like a seasoned general. 

The King of Swords can also mean that an adult born under the sign of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius will take on a bigger role in your life. Something about their brainpower or knowledge base may be important to pass on to you, so take notes if you need to. You might also find yourself in a situation where you have to take on the traits of the King of Swords, like giving a speech or solving a challenging problem. Don’t sweat it! The energy is there for you to get through this moment with flying colors. 

Be prepared for frustrating communication issues if the King of Swords comes up reversed in a future reading. Sometimes it can just be a case of people getting their wires crossed. And sometimes, it can mean someone is flat-out lying. Either way, treat it like a personal Mercury retrograde and double (and triple) check to see that people mean what they say. If the reversed King of Swords shows up in a position representing you, ask yourself if there’s a chance you aren’t being clear with your words. Taking the time to make your meaning clear might save on headaches down the road. 


The King of Swords in a Career Reading 

If you were looking for a job or project that allows you to flex your mental muscles, congrats! The King of Swords in a career reading says there will be an opportunity to fully utilize your knowledge base and come out looking good. Communicating well, either in a written or oral format, may be the key to thriving in your situation. This card could also describe the workplace in a high-tech environment or industry. Best be sure that you are on top of your skills to make the most of this opportunity. And def be open to learning new things. 

The King of Swords can also represent someone born under the sign of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, who plays a big role in the workplace. Or he can represent someone who is super tech-savvy or known for being mad smart in his specialty or field. If there’s a gap between your knowledge on a topic and where you want it to be, hit this person up as a resource. If this card came up in a position representing you, it might signal a need for you to be more front and center about showing off your job skills. Bestie, you lose out if you minimize what you can do (or allow others to diminish you). Do not be afraid to brag about yourself and reach out for the opportunities worthy of your abilities. 

If the King of Swords is coming up reversed in a career reading, watch your step! There could be some deeply entrenched office politics at play that makes the office feel less like a well-oiled machine and more like Game of Thrones. Stay sharp and say little until you get a feel for how things are done and where the centers of power really lie (maybe update your resume and Linked In profile just in case things get too toxic). This card also can represent someone who will cheerfully backstab others to further their career goals. If the King of Swords reversed comes up in a position representing you in a career reading, not only is this a warning to rope in your inner power-hungry Khaleesi, it’s a heads up that people will remember any less than noble behavior. Don’t paint a target on your own back in a race to get to the top. 


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