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Tarot Tutorial: Knight of Cups

May 24, 2022 by PathForward

He may not spend his time fighting dragons or talking to animals in an enchanted wood, but the Knight of Cups is like something out of a fairy tale. He unapologetically follows his heart wherever it leads him and isn't afraid to fight for what he loves. Hopeless romantic? Yep, that's this guy. His earnest personality charms the pants off of people (sometimes quite literally). The Knight of Cups is also linked to Water signs, so they can represent a teenager or young adult-born under Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. 

Remember, court cards don't always refer to a specific gender or even to one particular person. Sometimes they show up as a nudge from the Universe when it's time to embody aspects of the royal in question. All the Knights represent youth, intensity, and idealism (a.k.a. no chill), and the suit of cups is tied strongly to emotions and intuition. Whether or not romance is involved, it's time to embrace the intense emotions coming up for you entirely. 

knight of cups meaning


Meaning of the Knight of Cups in a Love Reading 

Guuuuuuuuuuuurl, buckle your seatbelt because -ish is going to get intense real fast! When the Knight of Cups comes up in a love reading, you and a new boo will just instantly click on an emotional level. It might feel like it's the first time you've been understood on a deeper, emotional level. If you are already in a long-term relationship, it can mean a period of deep emotional connection is coming up between you and your partner. You're vibing with each other on a whole different level that makes your love feel like it's brand-new. Oh, and the lovemaking… bestie, that Knight of Cups energy is VERY eager to please. Knights in the tarot aren't known for doing anything halfway. 

If the Knight of Cups represents you in a love reading, it may be a sign for you to be more demonstrative when it comes to love. Yeah, it can be super scary to wear your heart on your sleeve, especially if you've been burned before. But things are looking good for your feelings to be reciprocated. Go for it! Say the words you've been holding back, especially if one of those words is l-o-v-e. You'll be so glad you did. 

All that intensity can get toxic if the Knight of Cups comes up reversed in a love reading. Moodiness, jealousy, clinginess, co-dependency—this -ish isn't romantic, sis. Whether the card represents you or your boo, somebody needs to take a big step back to bring some sense to their emotions. Yeah, you can feel what you feel, but reality checks are important to make sure no one is acting in a hurtful way instead of loving. 

Also, this positioning can mean that instead of a knight in shining armor, you have someone who is closer to a phrase that rhymes with "duck toy." The reversed Knight of Cups might have a string of lovers he's charmed with a sensitive act, but he's not looking to get serious. Hey, we won't judge if you're just looking for a Mister Right Now instead of Mister Right. But don't fool yourself into thinking there's more between you than that. If the reversed Knight represents you, we still won't judge. But we will say it's a good idea to be upfront with your lovers about what you want. 


Meaning of the Knight of Cups in a Future Reading

Remember, all the tarot knights are extra. Their lack of chill could be overwhelming if you weren't expecting it. When the Knight of Cups shows up in a future reading, expect some intense emotions to pop up in your circles. Big emotions are nothing to be afraid of, but people need to be honest about their needs. The Knight of Cups can also represent a teenager or young adult taking up a bigger focus in your life. They might need some help from someone older and wiser (aka YOU) while going through their feelings. 

If the Knight of Cups comes up in a position representing you, it can signal that some unmet emotional needs can throw you off balance if you don't deal with them. Sis, express yourself! Don't be afraid to get enthusiastic about the things that excite you. Shrinking your spirit to fit other people's ideas is a waste of your precious life. Now is the time to be unapologetic about the things you love and, if necessary, make changes to make more space for them in your life. 

If the Knight of Cups comes up reversed in a future reading, some Real Housewives level drama could be going on. You might find that people are putting all their feelings out there, making things emotionally draining. Everybody's feeling, but nobody is thinking, and without a reality check, there's a good chance a toxic cycle will develop. If the reversed Knight of Cups represents you, take a step back and breathe. Your emotions are valid, but a.) they aren't the only things real in your life, and b.) they usually don't last forever. Hit up someone you trust to help talk you through whatever -ish you are going through. You might find that things aren't as bad as they look and that you have a way forward that both honors your feelings and doesn't blow up your world.    

Meaning of the Knight of Cups in a Career Reading

The chance to sink your teeth into a passion project? We LOVE that journey for you! Seeing the Knight of Cups in a career reading means there is an opportunity to take on a job or project that really fulfills you on a deep level. It can also mean that your work environment is filled with folks who are 100% committed to the company's mission and support each other wholeheartedly. But what about the cheddar? You'll def need to look at the surrounding cards to get a feel for that. This Knight goes into everything heart first; practical matters are secondary. 

If the Knight of Cups shows up in a career reading representing you, it can be a call to shake things up by considering your work options with your heart, at least for the time being. While fully embodying the idealism of the Knight of Cups every minute you are work would be exhausting, it's just as draining to be at a job where there's no opportunity to feed your emotional center. That need for emotional fulfillment varies from person to person but be real about what you need to thrive, not just survive. And make some changes if necessary. 

If the Knight of Cups shows up reversed in a career reading, it's a warning that a strong dose of reality needs to be served now. People might be too emotionally invested in a specific outcome to see the truth of what is happening in front of them. Somebody (yeah, maybe you) has got to be the one to yell, "Hold up!" to make sure emotions aren't clouding your judgment. Did the Knight of Cups come up in a position that represents you? Bestie, you need to back it up. Your heart has you jumping to shake things up, but you need to consult with your head so you don’t burn any bridges. Leave your rebel stage back in middle school, where it belongs. Catch your breath, deal with it, then lead with your brain on this matter. 


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