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Tarot Tutorial: Nine of Swords Meaning

May 14, 2023 by PathForward
What does the Nine of Swords tarot card mean? Read on to find out!
What does the Nine of Swords tarot card mean? Read on to find out!

Ever wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare so vivid, you could have sworn it was real? That’s the vibe of the Nine of Swords. Sometimes called the nightmare card, when it shows up in a reading you likely are feeling the effects of anxiety sinking its teeth into your brain. We get it. It’s hard to think straight when you’re anxious. But you need to take a break for your mental health, so you don’t go seeing problems where there aren’t any—or worse, make a little problem into a big problem.


The Meaning of the Nine of Swords in a Love Reading

Fear is the uninvited third wheel when the Nine of Swords shows up in a love reading. One or both of you is letting your thoughts of what might go wrong keeping you from enjoying what’s going right. Suspicion and jealous outbursts are very likely, which can lead to more fights. Is there any substance to the fear? Possibly, because one of the other meanings of the Nine of Swords is a guilty conscience. Either way, if your boo is acting sus, it’s best to talk things out rather than go on hurting. The truth shall set you both free.

If the Nine of Swords shows up in a position repping you, it’s time to confront some of your fears about your relationship. If some of them are due to a guilty conscience, you need to address that in a way that honors both you and your partner. Keeping things from someone you love isn’t healthy. Ask yourself why you’re doing it—and if the relationship is really worth it to you if you have to go on hiding part of yourself. If your anxiety is more about what’s going on in their heads, then the best way to deal with it is just ask them.

When the Nine of Swords comes up reversed in a love reading, it can indicate that you’ll soon be getting tangible proof you were worrying about nothing. All the worst scenarios that have been keeping you up at night are super unlikely to happen. Still, it’s a good idea to check in with yourself about why you were worrying so much, especially if it involves any baggage you have from past relationships.  There is a chance though that the Nine of Swords reversed means you were actually right about something being off all along. Definitely take a closer look at the surrounding cards. If they are all mostly positive, you’re in the clear. If they’re mostly negative, then it may be time to move on.


The Meaning of the Nine of Swords in a Future Reading

Better schedule some self-care time now. When the Nine of Swords shows up in a future reading, the energy around you is going to feel hella tense. There’s more than enough anxiety to go around, and folks aren’t usually at their best when they are feeling nervous or scared. Whether or not there really is anything behind their fear isn’t the point though. Emotions need to be acknowledged and communication needs to be done stat. Because when nerves are stretched tightly, eventually something is going to snap.

If you’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately, seeing the Nine of Swords come up in a position representing you shouldn’t be much of a surprise. There could be some future task or event looming in front of you that makes root canal look like a fun alternative. Maybe there isn’t something specific you can point to that triggers your nervousness (in which case, we’d definitely like to suggest checking in with a mental wellness provider). But in either case, staying stuck in a cycle of anxiety isn’t in line with your highest good. When you confront what scares you, you take away its power over you. Reclaim your agency, sis.

Depending on what the other cards surrounding it are, seeing the Nine of Swords reversed can point to relief from the anxiety surrounding you. You may get a definitive sign that you’ve dodged the worst case scenario. Be sure to honor the big feelings that came from past stressful experiences. They’ll help you manage future ones much better. If the other cards around this one are mostly negative, then you’ve got good reason to be nervous about something. Pulling extra cards to help clarify how to proceed may not be a bad idea.


The Meaning of the Nine of Swords in a Career Reading

Work anxiety is 0% fun. Sadly. There’s plenty of it to go around when the Nine of Swords appears in a career reading. There may be a lot of rumors in the air about your company’s future. Maybe a change occurs that starts causing rumblings of bigger, more disruptive changes to your workplace. It’s way too easy to give in to the atmosphere of anxiety. You may notice that other people’s behavior has already started to be affected by the uncertainty. You have one of two choices. A.) Find a way to stay centered and calm while the situation unfolds (and do your best to have all the facts before reacting). B.) If it all becomes too overwhelming, update your LinkedIn and find a new workplace that will be less draining to your mental health.

When the Nine of Swords turns up in a position representing you, the anxiety might be more on a personal level aka Imposter Syndrome. What this card is asking you to do is question if your fears are valid. Be honest with yourself, on both your strengths and weaknesses. And also be honest with yourself about the amount of stress your job is causing you. If you constantly feel on edge about your work responsibilities or losing your position, it might be time to consider a job change, or even a career change.

If the Nine of Swords shows up reversed, take a very careful look at the surrounding cards. As in all the previous cases, those will tell you if your intuition about your job future is on point, or if you’ve been letting fear run the show. If it’s the latter, it may be a good idea to do a deep dive into why you are so anxious. If it’s the former, its not a bad idea to get more guidance, either from a second reading or a trusted friend, about what you can realistically do about the situation.


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