Tarot Tutorial: Nine of Wands Meaning
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Tarot Tutorial: Nine of Wands Meaning

March 27, 2023 by PathForward
The meaning behind the Nine of Wands, revealed!
The meaning behind the Nine of Wands, revealed!

One look at the figure on the classic Nine of Wands and you can tell they’ve been through something. Even if they aren’t depicted as outwardly wounded, there’s often a weariness in the way they are standing and a wariness in their face. As tired as they are, they’re still standing though.

The Nine of Wands is often a reminder that the fight isn’t over yet. You might be tired but there’s a boss battle or two that needs to be fought before you can declare victory. However, that also means victory is STILL possible. If you really want the prize at the end of the journey, this isn’t the time to back down or give up. Keep calm and carry on.


The Nine of Wands in a Love Reading

Your relationship has been sorely tested. In fact, you may have almost thought it was over at least once or twice. Things are on much firmer ground now, but there’s one more thing to work through—what the “new normal” looks like after the event that rocked you. Things may feel hella awkward and weird af as the two of you figure it out, especially if the inciting incident involved a breech of trust. Both of you need to be committed to keeping things 100% with each other if you want things to work out.

Did the Nine of Wands come up in a position representing you? You’re probably having all the complicated feels right now. Perhaps you’ve been putting on a brave front, but inside you feel fragile, while you brace yourself for any other potential hurt feelings. As hard as it might be to believe right now, there is a future possible where you are happy. And it might actually include your boo. The surrounding cards might help clue you in on the strengths in your relationship and what you have to work with. But you need to be honest with yourself about what a loving relationship looks and feels like for you. If your partner can’t match that energy, then it might be best to say goodbye.

When the Nine of Wands comes up reversed in a love reading, someone’s might still be mentally battling old battles. One of you is not over something that happened before. And you can’t move forward if your head is still stuck in the past. The only way through is to deal with the hurt directly, either by talking to your partner, working with a therapist, or just doing anything else that can help you process things. Processing your issues doesn’t mean that your relationship will or won’t last, but it will help you find peace and be in a better place to receive the love you deserve.

The Nine of Wands in a Future Reading

The funny thing about this card is that even in a future reading it’s telling you something about the past. That’s because sometimes you really need to understand where you’ve been in order to better plan for where you want to be. If you’ve been going through a tough time, seeing the Nine of Wands show up in a future reading is a sign from the Universe to keep hanging in there. No, the tough times aren’t over. Things have a way to go before they get better. Take what you’ve learned from those past hardships to help you get over this last hurdle. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The meaning is pretty similar if the Nine of Wands turns up in a position representing you. It’s also a bit of a validation from your tarot deck—hell no, nothing is fun right now! You have a right to feel a certain kind of way after all the nonsense you’ve been through. Find a way to give yourself a break ASAP, because you’ll need your energy to get past this situation.

When the Nine of Wands shows up reversed, you might be going out of your way to avoid confrontation. But staying quiet when your boundaries are being crossed will not serve you. While it’s important to save your strength for fights worth having, putting off facing your current challenge is just going to make things much worse in the end. Alternatively, this card could be letting you know that you might be too defensive about a particular situation. Usually when we’re overly defensive about something, it’s because of a script from the past that keeps playing in our head on loop. It might be time to do some deep work on why this situation is bringing out the fight in you. Once you know the cause, you can own it instead of being owned by emotions from the past.

Nine of Wands in a Career Reading

While a big reorganization or other major shift in your workplace is in the rearview, when the Nine of Wands appears in a career reading it indicates there’s cleanup to be done before your team finds a new normal. Folks might still be on the defensive after the event too, so keep that in mind when you interact with them. This card might also indicate finding work after you’ve been fired. The new job might not be your dream job, but it is solid place to land for now.

If the Nine of Wands comes up in a position representing you, it’s asking you to take stock in how any office upheavals personally impacted you. You may be going through your workday feeling like the walking wounded, maybe even a little bit twitchy about what might be happening next. The good news is that you have built up a solid enough rep at work. Your position is safe, and people understand the importance of the things you are working on.

The Nine of Wands reversed in a career reading is a warning that things are still on shaky ground. Your team is way overwhelmed, with no relief in sight. Morale is super low and not going to get better anytime soon. You can chose to ride out the uncertainty, but it may be best to keep an eye open for something better. If the Nine of Wands reversed came up in a position representing you in a career reading, it can be a warning that some sort of review or test is coming and you just aren’t ready. Def take a look at the surrounding cards for clues to what you need to do to come out of this situation with your job and your sanity intact.

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