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Tarot Tutorial: Queen of Cups Meaning

May 01, 2022 by PathForward

She's the emotionally serene queen of the tarot court. Empathy and emotional intelligence are second nature to the Queen of Cups as swimming is to dolphins. This queen isn't the loudest or the flashiest person in the room. But people naturally gravitate towards her because they feel understood by her. The Queen of Cups is linked to Water signs, representing adults born under Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

Remember, court cards don't always refer to a specific gender or even to a specific person. Sometimes they show up as a nudge from the Universe when it's time to embody aspects of the royal in question. All the Queens represent a mature and inward focus, and the suit of cups is tied strongly to emotions and intuition. Whether the issues involve love or romance, it's time to be unafraid to dive into deeper aspects of yourself and acknowledge what you find.

queen of cups meaning

Meaning of the Queen of Cups in a Love Reading

Did Lady Love, aka the Queen of Cups, show up in a love reading? Lucky you! If you were wondering about your lover's feelings, know that you are in a relationship with a grown and emotionally mature adult (and celebrate that -ish because there aren't too many of those around). This person has done the work on themselves. They probably have a few scars from previous relationships that left them wiser instead of bitter, bringing that wisdom to their emotional interactions. This person values honesty and emotional vulnerability and expects their partner to match their energy.

If the Queen of Cups showed up in a position that represents you in a love reading, consider it a call to be more honest with yourself about what you want in a relationship. You may have been floating along with things, not questioning where the relationship was going, but that needs to stop, bestie. The Queen of Cups tells you there is so much to gain by being honest with what you need. Things with your partner can only improve when you know yourself well and keep things 100%.

If the Queen of Cups showed up reversed in a love reading, it's def a sign that love is not flowing the way it should. Stuff you or your partner have kept bottled up will come out in petty fights or sniping at each other. And that's no way to live. It might feel awkward af, but you seriously need to take a deeper look at where these little outbursts are coming from, aka what hurts from your past are messing around with your present. Your partner may need to look at their ghosts of relationships past too. Once you get real about what's going on in your heart, you can start enjoying mature and emotionally fulfilling love.  


Queen of Cups in a Future Reading

Traditionally, all the court cards are supposed to represent people. This being the 21st century, queen doesn't always equal females, as it indicates an individual with a more inward (as opposed to outer) focus. The Queen of Cups could mean that a person who is very emotionally aware, empathic, or intuitively adept is about to come into your life or that someone born under a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) is going to take a larger role in your future.

The suit of cups and romance go together like PB&J, so even if you didn't specifically ask about romance, the Queen of Cups in a future reading could indicate that a lover who is emotionally healthy and isn't afraid to work on themselves is about to come into your life. Considering this queen's empathic nature, it could also mean that someone who has a knack for just getting people might be coming into your life. That person could help provide deep insights into yourself. Even if the link isn't romantic, something about the vibe between you works. Def take note of any wisdom this person is willing to share. If the Queen of Cups comes up in a position that represents you, it might be time for you to do some deeper work on your psyche or step up as emotional support to someone close to you.

If the Queen of Cups comes up reversed in a future reading, it's a sign that some really intense feelings and mood swings might soon affect your world. Watch out for psychic vampires and drama queens. These folks feed on a low vibe, emotional manipulation, and codependency. If the Queen of Cups reversed has come up in a position representing you, you need to hold up and see whether what you've been doing is feeling your feelings or wallowing in them in an unhealthy way. There is a difference, sis. One helps you integrate life lessons and grow, and the other just feels like a scene from a bad reality show.


The Queen of Cups in a Career Reading

The Queen of Cups in a career reading is a good sign for your emotional health. You might start working more closely with someone who is genuinely concerned about their team's work-life balance. They respect the boundaries of others and are supportive when shifts need to be made to distribute the workload fairly. This can also represent a coworker who doesn't speak up much, but it is with seriously deep insight about their field when they do. It might be a good time to pick their brain on a work situation. It can also point to a new job environment that satisfies you on a heart level.

If the Queen of Cups comes up in a spot representing you, it could be a sign that you should consult your heart before making any big moves or changes. This queen is all about deep inner knowing and respecting wisdom that turns up during emotional soul-searching. You may need to approach a work situation from a more heart-centered place. Focusing on numbers or cold facts will not serve you right now. It does take more time and patience to go deep on a problem, but a surface skim won't cut it. Whatever is in front of you needs your heart and mind to be engaged.

If the Queen of Cups comes up reversed in a career reading, it can indicate that the emotions of someone you work with might start to affect office morale. Home drama can take a toll on their job performance or how they treat other people. You might need to do damage control but try not to get caught up in their messiness. It's just not worth it. If the reversed Queen represents you in a reading, it might indicate a disconnect between what the job requires and what your heart is telling you. All we can say is, Queen, know your worth! Prestige and making lots of Benjamins can feel great, but not if you are in a situation that wears down your spirit slivers at a time. Check the surrounding cards for more information, but it is possible to make a living and be true to who you are.


Talk to a Tarot Psychic About the Queen of Cups

Still wondering what the presence of this powerful royal points to in a tarot reading? We gotchu! Our Tarot Psychics have the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.


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