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Tarot Tutorial: Queen of Pentacles Meaning

December 17, 2022 by PathForward
Discover the meaning of the Queen of Pentacles.
Discover the meaning of the Queen of Pentacles.

She’s the OG no drama mama. The Queen of Pentacles chooses peace of mind and comfort every time. In the friend squad, she’s def the mom friend, making sure the people she cares about are hydrated or otherwise taken care of. 95% of the time, she’s chill, but push her, and she’ll push back—hard! The Queen of Pentacles is linked to Earth signs, so she can represent any adult born under Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

Remember, court cards don’t always refer to a specific gender or even to a specific person. Sometimes they show up as a nudge from the Universe when it’s time to embody aspects of the royal in question. All the Queens represent a mature and inward focus, and the suit of pentacles is tied strongly to security, loyalty, and dependability. Her steadying presence might be just what is needed to get you through a challenging situation.


The Queen of Pentacles in a Love Reading

Cozy. That’s how it feels when the Queen of Pentacles shows up in a love reading. Being with your new boo might feel like coming home. They are incredibly supportive and have a wise vibe, loving to listen or problem-solve, depending on what you need. Family is life to them. When they bring you home to meet their folks, they are very serious about a future together. They may not need a house with a white picket fence in the burbs to feel happy, but their ideal future includes a partner just as committed to a happy and steady life as they are. If you are already in an established relationship, this points to a stable and loving relationship (aka, they aren’t stepping out on you) entering a period of comfortable contentment. This queen is also very in tune with her senses, so expect more tenderness in the bedroom.

If the Queen of Pentacles comes up in a position representing you, it could be a sign to take stock of what makes you feel safe and secure in a relationship. Being a little clearer (*cough* honest) with yourself about what you need (and what are total deal breakers) can help you avoid wasting time on relationships that aren’t going anywhere. Already in a relationship? It might be a good time to start paying close attention to what makes your bae feel loved. Do you know their love language, and if so, do you make a point to demonstrate that you do often enough? You’ll find the loving energy you put in reflected back to you.

As warm as the Queen of Pentacles can be upright, she can be a chilly nightmare when she turns up reversed in a love reading. This card can signal someone who’s more interested in your bank account than in your heart. Or they care more about how good your relationship looks on the outside than making a genuine emotional connection. If the reverse Queen turned up representing you, you probably already had a clue that your heart is just not in this relationship, and you’ve been putting up with a lot of nonsense because breaking things off is scarier than staying. Time to do a little soul-searching, sis. A false sense of stability isn’t worth sticking around for.


The Queen of Pentacles in a Future Reading

This tarot queen is all about home and hearth. So, when you see the Queen of Pentacles come up in a future reading, it might indicate a bigger focus on anything to do with your home. The space you are living in now might get a glow-up, or you may even be on the verge of purchasing a new house. You may find you are getting to a good place with personal finances, so remember to put something aside for the future while times are flush. Fertility is also associated with this queen, so don’t be surprised if you have plans to bring something new to life, including a new baby.

The Queen of Pentacles can also represent a specific person, possibly a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. Even if they weren’t born under one of those signs, this person is loyal, dependable, and typically is good at giving others a gentle reality check when the situation calls for it. You might find yourself turning to someone like this to help you get through your current situation.

Someone’s inner slacker may show up when the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed in a future reading. It might feel like even the most dependable people in your life have either a.) discovered a new flighty streak or b) gotten overwhelmed dealing with their own problems that they have no bandwidth for anything else. Expect a lot of excuses and broken promises. Did the reversed Queen come up in a position representing you? You’ve probably already realized you could be doing more to help your situation but only have enough motivation to hit play on the next episode of your favorite comfort watch. It’s really important that you get at the root cause of your procrastination, bestie. The surrounding cards may offer some clues.


The Queen of Pentacles in a Career Reading

For real though, the Queen of Pentacles is a pretty good card to get in a career reading. That’s mainly due to two words: job security. This queen promises a steady paycheck and regular work, whether you are asking about a new job or the job you’re currently in. There’s an opportunity to stay awhile, learn some things, and lay the foundation for a solid career path here. This card could also point to someone with deep knowledge of the job and the company structure that can help you find the place you fit best on the team.

If the Queen of Pentacles came up representing you in a career reading, it indicates that your focus needs to be on stability. If you have a choice between two positions, pick the most sensible option. It can also mean thinking a little more about your optimal work-life balance. This queen likes her luxuries, but she’s smart enough to know it’s hard to enjoy them if you are burned out.

Did the Queen of Pentacles come up reversed in a career reading? Expect an environment that feels less like a well-functioning team and more like a bunch of mercenaries from an old-timey western. People are too busy asking, “What’s in it for me?” to care about anyone else. There might also be some fiscal irresponsibility going on within the organization that could affect everyone. When the reversed Queen of Pentacles comes up in a position representing you, it could mean people are detecting a “me first” attitude about you, and it’s hurting team morale. There’s nothing wrong with ensuring your skills and time are respected but keeping up a diva act where you think some tasks are beneath you is not the way to score points at work.


Are you still wondering what the presence of this powerful royal points to in a tarot reading? We gotchu! Our Tarot Readers have the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else weighing your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.


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