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Tarot Tutorial: Six of Swords

September 30, 2023 by PathForward
What is the meaning of the 6 of swords? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of the 6 of swords? Read on to find out...

There are times in your life to go full throttle and there are times in your life to let go and let Spirit lead you. Seeing the Six of Swords in a tarot reading means it’s time for the latter. In most of the depictions of this card, a boat is being steered by an invisible ferryman, by someone whose face is hidden, or even just going with the current of the water. This isn’t meant to be a permanent thing. At some point you’ve got to take the oars and start rowing.  But for now, the best thing for you is to sit back and trust in the process.

Unlike some of the more infamous cards in the suit of swords (we’re looking at you Three and Ten), this card is also letting you know that trouble is shifting to the rearview and you’re entering a time of temporary calm. Where you go after this period is still up in the air, but for now, enjoy the peace.

What is the Meaning of the Six of Swords in a Love Reading?

The Six of Swords isn’t the most exciting card to see turn up in a love reading, but then again when it shows up you might be pretty sick of excitement. Some turbulent time or situation is being left behind, giving you and your boo some much needed time to catch your breath. The stress you’ve just been through put a lot of strain on your relationship and where you two will end up is still up in the air. Neither of you can unsay harsh words or undo harmful actions. But you can take advantage of this time to really consider if this relationship is right for either of you. Check on the surrounding cards, but also check in with your inner wisdom to see where your heart is pulling you.

If the Six of Swords shows up in a position representing you in a love reading, it’s time to tune into the nudges your intuition is giving you about the health of this relationship. A lot depends on the signs you’ve been seeing (and the surrounding cards might be giving plenty of hints) as to the strength of the bond between you and your boo. But once the Universe’s message has been received, trust the signs to guide your next steps. If you are single and looking for someone, the Universe is telling you to be patient. You are being guided to the next good thing in your life, but it will take time to get there.

When the Six of Swords shows up reversed in a love reading, expect some backsliding into problematic behavior. Something you thought was in the past is still obnoxiously present (and yes, that could be someone’s ex). Everyone involved needs to take accountability for their actions for this relationship to have a hope of surviving. If you are not in a relationship, this card might also be pointing out ways you are self-sabotaging or ignoring signs from the Universe about some good things right in front of you.

What is the Meaning of the Six of Swords in A Future Reading?

Expect a shift in a situation when the Six of Swords comes up in a future reading. Something will happen to help put drama behind you—but what’s next isn’t entirely clear. Even though there is uncertainty, don’t pass up this opportunity. You deserve peace in your life, and this is exactly the kind of break you needed. This change will do your mind and spirit good. Also, the Six of Swords traditionally can point to taking an actual vacation soon. Make sure you do your best to relax while you’re away.

If the Six of Swords comes up in a position representing you, you may need to be more proactive about putting some distance between yourself and a stressful situation. It could be really helpful to explore your spiritual side during this break period. There is a sense of being guided by spirit during this time, so the more you connect to your Higher Self/ Wisdom, the better idea you’ll have of where you’ll land at the end of this period.

If the Six of Swords comes up reversed in a future reading, it’s a warning that you need to face your troubles directly instead of running away from them. You might either be in denial about the issue in front of you or are about to take some action that makes things worse instead of better. Check the surrounding cards to see where you need to pivot your plans and act accordingly.

What is the Meaning of the Six of Swords in a Career Reading?

Office drama is only funny in a sit-com. But thankfully, when you see the Six of Swords appear in a career reading, the drama is beginning to die down, making it easier to, you know, actually work. This calm might be only temporary though. Use this time to plan how you can best handle things when they start to go sideways again—or decide if you want to be there when they do. Alternatively, this card might be pointing to a temporary shift in your working conditions—a shifting of where you physically do your work.

If the Six of Swords turned up in a career reading representing you, it might be time to ask yourself when you last took some time off. If it takes you more than three seconds to remember, then schedule something stat, bestie. Even if it’s just taking a long weekend, you need to give yourself a mental health break. Sometimes the best thing for our productivity is to give ourselves a little down time.

When the Six of Swords comes up reversed in a career reading it could be a warning that the break between chaotic events will suddenly be over. You can’t take a passive role in hoping things will just blow over. It’s time to grab a paddle and help get this ship going in the right way again—or it’s time to abandon ship. The surrounding cards will give you a clue about the best way to go with it.

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