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Tarot Tutorial: Six of Wands Meaning

June 03, 2023 by PathForward
What does in mean when you pull the Six of Wands? Read on to find out...
What does in mean when you pull the Six of Wands? Read on to find out...

Cue the arena rock anthems! When the Six of Wands comes sliding into your reading, you’re about to have a turn in the spotlight or take a victory lap after clearly coming out ahead in some aspect of your life. This card is a big ol’ flashing “Yes!” for questions about your hopes and dreams. Think of the Six of Wands as the little bro of the Sun card. The odds are definitely in your favor to get whatever it is you’ve been working towards.

Meaning of the Six of Wands in a Love Reading

The Six of Wands is just as positive in a love reading as it is anyplace else. It indicates a very definite yes answer. There’s a public element associated with this card, so this could also mean an announcement is about to happen. If your partner hasn’t said “I love you” yet, they may be doing it pretty soon. A long-time partner might be about to make a grand gesture that sweeps you off your feet. Things look great for making a love connection if you’re single.

When the Six of Wands comes up in a love reading in a position representing you, romance is definitely in your future. You’re in a good place in life that allows love to express itself to the fullest. This card can also be pointing you to adopt a more confident attitude with love. After all, confidence can be hella sexy. And when you act like you know your worth, you’ll attract people who will know and respect it too.

When the Six of Wands is reversed in a love reading, that can be a sign that there is some disrespect going on in the relationship. There’s a good chance you might be aware of where the boundaries are being crossed. It could also mean your significant other has been looking elsewhere for love, so check the surrounding cards for clues. No matter what form the disrespect takes, you need to address it. If the reversed Six of Wands comes up representing you, you may have some issues respecting your partner. Contempt kills relationships. If after soul searching you can’t find the love or respect for your partner, then you need to move on.

Meaning of the Six of Wands in a Future Reading

The Six of Wands is one of the best cards you can get in a future reading. It’s all about success! Prepare to get a little push over the finish line to help you hit your goals. It can also signal a happy end to long-standing problems. Feuds will get settled. Decisions will get made that benefit you. And all of these things will happen in a pretty big and obvious way. No one will be confused that you are the one coming out on top.

When the Six of Wands comes out in a position representing you, it may be asking you to adopt a positive mindset as part of your journey towards a large goal. The task ahead of you requires you to act as if it was already yours. This is a card that drips of manifestation. But you have to get both your brain and your actions into manifestation mode to see that success. The Six of Wands may also be asking you to consider what success looks like for you. Remember, we feel the successes in our lives more when they line up with who we are at our core.  

So close, and yet so far… that’s the vibe of the Six of Wands reversed in a future reading. You’re hitting a lot of bumps in the road before you get to where you want to be. You might find that another person has beaten you to the prize you wanted. Or it could simply mean that someone else’s achievements are overshadowing your own atm. While none of this feels good, it doesn’t mean the end for you or your goals. Some reprioritizing or pivoting might need to take place. But while you’re still breathing there’s always time to achieve something meaningful to you.

Meaning of the The Six of Wands in a Career Reading

This is definitely one of the cards you love see turn up if you were asking about a raise. The Six of Wands in a career reading points to raises with a big ol’ side of recognition. People are taking notice of how hard you work and appreciate your skills. Expect the appreciation to be vocal and if money hasn’t been brought up yet, this is as good a time as any to bring up getting a little more cheddar for your stellar work.

When the Six of Wands comes up representing you, a large work goal will get resolved in a way that reflects very well on you and/or your team. It can also be telling you that the conditions are perfect to take on a high-profile project. You’ll not only succeed in getting it done, you’ll improve your work reputation because of it. You can’t get the kudos unless you put yourself out there. So go ahead and show off those mad skills you’ve got. The reward will be worth it.

Seeing the Six of Wands come up reversed can indicate that you’ve got a work rival. Maybe it’s a friendly rivalry, but def look at the surrounding cards for signs it isn’t. Keep an eye out for anyone trying to downplay your work—or worse, steal the credit for themselves. It can also be a sign that a project is about to take a detour, pushing the completion date out further. You might want to pull some clarifying cards to see how to manage the delays so that they don’t snowball into bigger roadblocks.


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