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Tarot Tutorial: The Hanged Man Meaning

October 29, 2022 by PathForward
Learn the meaning of The Hanged Man tarot card.
Learn the meaning of The Hanged Man tarot card.

Have you ever been in a situation where you think, “The Lord is testing me?” Yeeaaaah, the Hanged Man tarot card usually appears when facing an issue that feels as tough to remove as a red wine stain on your favorite dress. Just like with the wine stain, some creativity may be required to deal with your problem. Be less salty about the issue before you; try being more curious instead. When you let yourself get into a curious headspace, the solution might be closer than you think.

The Hanged Man in a Love Reading

Bestie, it’s time to hit the pause button—that is, if your partner hasn’t hit it already. The person you are with might be in the middle of a transition. They could have just gone through a big life change or a big loss. Whatever their deal is, they aren’t in a place to make any significant changes or commitments. That doesn’t mean they’ll never commit. It just means don’t expect any big declarations for a while. If this person is important to you, you can choose to love them through it. But it’s a good idea to check the surrounding cards to get a picture of what to expect from them realistically.

If the Hanged Man came up in position representing you in a love reading, it’s a sign to step back and be objective about what is going on. You don’t have all the facts you need to make a good decision about this relationship. We’re not saying your partner is secretly Batman (or—yikes—Ted Bundy). But there are things you should know before you rush into anything. This could also include taking time for some personal soul searching. What legit needs are you pushing to the side to hold on to this relationship? 

When the Hanged Man turns up reversed in a love reading, someone might be turning in an Oscar-worthy performance at playing the martyr. Resentment can build under the surface, making interactions between you and your partner tense. If you spend more time keeping score than kissing, it’s time to talk.  Tangentially, it could also point to some pettiness in how you treat each other. Someone has got to make the sacrifice to give a little ground first. Yeah, that definitely doesn’t feel great if you’ve both been low-key resenting each other. But your choices are between real talk or staying stuck and miserable. How do you want this to play out?

The Hanged Man in a Future Reading 

The Hanged Man in a future reading might feel like hitting a speed bump in your plans. We get it. Slowing down can feel hella frustrating, especially if it felt like everything was going super smooth before. Feeling a bit like the vibe of this card matches an astrological event that rhymes with bercury petrograde? There is some overlap in energy. But look at the slowdown as a chance to get an alternate view of what is happening. What you find out could be verrrrrry interesting, maybe even helping you clarify some things about your life in general before you make any significant changes.

The Hanged Man can also be a nudge from the universe to step back and connect with your spiritual side. You may have had, or be on the verge of having, an epiphany about life that makes you reconsider many of your past assumptions. Sometimes looking back at those past thoughts or choices can feel srsly cringe-worthy. Embrace the cringe, bestie, so that you can learn from it. Let your new perspective help you become your most spiritual and authentic self.

There’s always a little sacrifice involved with the Hanged Man. The sacrifice of time, money, old ways of thinking, etc. But when the Hanged Man shows up reversed in a future reading, you need to ask yourself, is all this ish worth it? Delayed gratification is part of adulting. But holding out and getting no gratification? Yeah, no… so not good for you on any level. If a long-standing situation hasn’t sparked joy by now, it’s not going to. Drop any unnecessary sacrifices you are making and fill the spaces with things that nourish your spirit.

The Hanged Man in a Career Reading

Office limbo party? More like the office situation feels like it’s caught in limbo. If you were hoping to hear about a new job, expect the process to stall or drag. The team in charge of hiring may be re-assessing their needs on the fly, which of course, will leave people in the lurch. If you were asking about an existing job, projects might stall (or not start at all), or your company might be going through a period of restructuring (*gulp*). Definitely consult the surrounding cards to see how things may shake out. It’s not a bad idea to use this time to consider what your long-term goals are and if they are being served where you are.

If the Hanged Man came up in a position representing you, consider passing on any big projects or major job changes that come up—at least until you’ve had time to really think about how they will impact you. You may have to sacrifice something in the short term to get a long-term pay-off. Only you can decide if that’s a fair deal. It can also mean that a problem might be coming up at work soon. Whatever worked in the past won’t cut it this time. Be prepared to brainstorm new ideas or approach the problem from a different angle for a solution that will stick. Stay flexible when looking for answers, sis.

Did the Hanged Man come up reversed in a career reading? It’s a red flag that you will be asked to give up much more than you get from your job. Your work-life boundaries might be as flimsy as tissue paper too. Sis, we liked the Devil Wears Prada too, but not enough to try to live that life! No job is worth becoming a saint of perpetual suffering just to keep it. You have options. Know your worth and make an exit strategy to a job that recognizes what you bring to the table.


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