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Tarot Tutorial: The Sun Meaning

January 28, 2023 by PathForward
Learn the true meaning of The Sun tarot card!
Learn the true meaning of The Sun tarot card!

Unless you happen to be a vampire, your associations with the sun are probably positive. After all, some of the most relentlessly upbeat or hopeful songs mention sunshine or sunny days. If you’re having a bad day, bumping into someone with a sunny personality might give you a contact high from a hit of their optimistic energy. Seeing the Sun card appear in a tarot reading has a similar effect. It’s an infusion of high-vibe goodness, letting you know that good things are coming your way.


The Sun Card in a Love Reading

If you were asking about your chances of getting together with somebody, seeing the Sun card pop up in a love reading is like getting a big neon sign flashing “Yes!” It’s def a sign to take a bolder approach toward a crush. There’s a good chance your feelings aren’t unrequited. This being a major arcana card that’s ALSO associated with divine intervention, can indicate a soul mate connection between you two or some other karmic bond.

Already in a long-term relationship? The immediate future looks really good for you and your boo. Some stresses may drop off your plate that helps you reconnect with each other. You could have a moment of realization where you find out just how much you deeply appreciate each other. Some small act of sweetness from one or both of you may have you seeing each other in a different light. There’s a strong chance of a shared experience of joy that makes you feel like you did at the beginning of the relationship. We should also mention that joy may come from a new baby.

The Sun’s light diminishes when it is in the reversed position. While you and your bae might love each other deeply, there are some crossed wires in your communication. One or both of you might be getting a little paranoid about the state of your relationship. Relax, bestie. This card is so relentlessly high vibe that it’s telling you that there’s nothing so wrong with your relationship that some straight talk won’t fix. You’ve got a good thing going. Make sure to spend some time together to remind yourself of that.


The Sun in a Future Reading

Again, this card is a big “Yes!” or positive response to your concerns. If you’ve been dealing with a long-standing problem, seeing the Sun card lets you know it will resolve itself. Any blockages you may have been facing will diminish or disappear. Also, getting the Sun card in a future reading often signals hitting a major milestone or a big goal. There will probably be public kudos or some other form of celebration to mark the occasion. Feel free to bask in the joy of the moment, sis. You’ve earned it.

When the Sun card comes up in a position representing you in a future reading, it tells you to go full throttle toward your goals. The energy around it is srsly amazing right now. Take the time to really connect to the good stuff in your life—cultivating an attitude of gratitude often manifests even more blessings in your life. Give yourself the freedom to be spontaneous because the Universe has your back right now.

Seeing the Sun come up in a reversed position in a future reading can feel a lot like the words of an old song. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need. Expect some disappointments while still having something small but good to take away from the situation. The Sun card’s energy is just that positive, even reversed. You might also find you’ve succeeded or accomplished something big, but something about it feels off. It could be as simple as realizing that your goal was just not aligned with who you are at your core. Check on the surrounding cards to see if you can find some clarity. Understanding yourself better might be the ray of sunshine in a complicated situation.


The Sun in a Career Reading

If you’ve been reading along up to this point, you can guess that the Sun in a career reading means good things for your career path and your bank account. Applying for a new job? Yep, you’ve got it. Looking for a promotion? Ditto. Asking for a raise? Hells yeah. Expect some praise or other form of recognition too at the job. There’s a strong feeling of security and stability in your workplace, where you feel like what you do matters and you are appreciated for the work you do.

When the Sun Card represents you, it might feel like you are on fire with your problem-solving skills. A burst of insight or moment of clarity helps you come up with some really impactful ways to deal with work issues. You must stay optimistic and open to the idea that every problem has a solution. You’ll find them much faster that way! Don’t be afraid to take point in a situation, especially if it falls in your wheelhouse of skills. Your input will be needed and respected.

If the Sun card comes up reversed in a career reading, it can indicate imposter syndrome or racking up small successes while the big ones stay annoyingly out of reach. Alternatively, it can also mean somebody’s a bit too full of themselves and not acting in the organization’s best interest. Maybe that person has something of a golden touch at work, but it doesn’t mean they’re pleasant to work with. Decide how much you are willing to put up with in an otherwise good situation.

Are you the Dr. House in your work squad? Consider roping it in, bestie. While you aren’t in danger of repercussions, you don’t want to push people away. The recognition you do get will sour into resentment unless you change your ‘tude. And when things eventually get harder at work, you’ll find you won’t have anyone on your side willing to stick up for you or help you (and yes, even girl geniuses need a helping hand sometimes).


Still trying to figure out how the Sun card will bring happiness into your life? We gotchu! Our Tarot Readers have the skills to go deep when you need answers about love, career, or anything else weighing on your mind. See how their insight can have you moving in the right direction to manifest the life of your dreams.


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