Tarot Tutorial: The World Meaning Reading your own Tarot is a snap once you nail down the meaning of the cards. Learn the meaning behind The World tarot card in this edition of PathForward's Tarot Tutorial.
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Tarot Tutorial: The World Meaning

June 18, 2023 by PathForward
The World tarot card can have many meanings!
The World tarot card can have many meanings!

There’s a moment of peace that comes after hitting a big goal. You are just chilling in the satisfaction of knowing you were up for the challenge. That’s the kind of vibe the World card will be bringing into your life. All the stuff you have up on your vision board has fully manifested. Definitely take a moment to enjoy how sweet this victory feels. But remember, every ending leads to a new beginning. Use this pause to plan where you’re going next.

The World Card in A Love Reading

This is a really comforting card to pull for matters of the heart. The World card in a love reading means you and your boo will be enjoying the benefits of a healthy and functional relationship. No matter what the two of you have been through before, you will find that your bond is more than strong enough to get through it. There’s a good chance that both of you will find a lot of personal growth to go along with this new, deeper cycle of your relationship.

If the World card comes up in a position representing you in a love reading, you may experience the satisfaction of a moment of personal growth that helps you show up as a better partner. There’s a low-key association between maturity and this card. You’ve had a lot of experiences that have made you smarter. You’re in a place where you know exactly what it is you want in a relationship. The association with harmony and this card means your lover is likely on the same page you are. Wedding bells or the decision to add a little one to your family may also be possible.

Did the World card come up reversed for you in a love reading? This can indicate that one of you is still fixated on something from the past. Maybe there’s some resentment built up from a past fight that hasn’t been really resolved yet. Letting old hurts fester is a sure way to hurt your relationship, girlfriend. Maybe the past that’s been haunting you has nothing to do with your current partner. Find a way to check that old baggage. It is not doing you any good right now. It’s also NOT the time to go calling up an ex to look for closure (or anything else). You will not be served by trying to fight battles in your past. Focus on what is front of you now.

The World Card in a Future Reading

Big projects will get wrapped up neatly when the World card turns up in a future reading. The path to your goal couldn’t be clearer if it were lit up in lights. Just follow the signs the Universe is putting out and you’ll be there before you know it. There’s also a possibility of taking a big trip, something that takes you out of the country or gives you an entirely new perspective to life.

The meaning stays more or less the same if the World card comes up in a position representing you in a future reading. But this also indicates that it’s a great time to take stock of everything you have learned to get to this point. The next step on your journey is going to grow out of this new wisdom, rather than be a complete break from what came before. Really reflect on the person you have become before setting your next big goal.

When the World card shows up reversed in a future reading there’s too much unfinished business to really progress to the next stage of your life. You can’t just sweep it under the rug and hope it resolves itself, sis. Facing the things that are holding us back can be hard, but you owe it to yourself to deal with them and give yourself the strongest fresh start possible. Alternatively, you might be overly fixated on getting closure on a situation. Sometimes we don’t get all the answers or apologies we want. And that’s OK. Be honest with yourself about what a realistic ending looks like, then take a deep breath, and move on.


The World in a Career Reading

You may be hitting a career high point when the World card turns up in a career reading. Either you’ll be getting the chance to wrap up a project that solidifies your on the job rep or you’ll be getting the dream job you’ve been gunning for. The new responsibilities will feel like the logical next step after all of the work you’ve put in so far. There should be some wiggle room to figure out where you go next from here, so take a moment to decide which corporate ladder looks the most attractive to climb next.

If the World card comes up in a position representing you, take the time to enjoy this moment of career success. You’ve hustled hard to get to this point. You might want to start thinking about your legacy. What wisdom can you pass along to the ones coming up behind you? You don’t necessarily need to become a full on mentor, but there’s no question you have the experience needed to help guide others along. Share your knowledge when it’s needed.

If the World comes up reversed in a career reading it points to getting stuck in a rut when you could be advancing. There’s no challenge at all in your job, which could get tedious, fast. Check the surrounding cards to see how much of that is because of your work environment and how much of it is just you being mentally checked out. The presence of this card means a new beginning is possible, but it’s going to take extra work to get to it.


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