Tarot Tutorial: Two of Wands
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Tarot Tutorial: Two of Wands

June 29, 2024 by Pathforward
What is the meaning of the Two of Wands? Read on to find out...
What is the meaning of the Two of Wands? Read on to find out...

When the Two of Wands comes into a reading, it's time to embrace your visionary side and start turning those big dreams into reality. This ambitious card depicts a wandering figure clutching a globe, surrounded by warm, fiery tones as they gaze off into the distance. They're clearly someone with their sights set high and grand plans in the works.

At its core, the Two of Wands represents having a clear vision for the future and possessing the motivation to make it happen. Whether personally or professionally, this card signals you're in a prime position to expand your horizons, explore new paths, and turn your lofty aspirations into achieved goals. If you've been dreaming of a fresh start or major life change, consider this your cosmic green light to take those first brave steps. The Two of Wands is giving you the cosmic okay to be proactive about manifesting your deepest goals right now. After all, nobody ever achieved greatness by just dreaming small.


What is the Meaning of the Two of Wands in a Love Reading?

If the Two of Wands refers to your partner or love interest, it could indicate this person is seeking more independence, personal growth, or to further their ambitions right now. Their mind may be heavily focused on pursuits beyond the relationship. So, does this mean your love is doomed? Not necessarily. But it may mean that the two of you may have to be more flexible about balancing romance with your other life aspirations. Relationships work best when you both clearly communicate your goals and priorities—and when you both commit to supporting each other with those goals.

When the card represents you in a love reading, it reveals your own yearning for a new experience or path in your romantic life. This could manifest as a desire to further commit and build with your current partner, or possibly the itch to explore greener pastures. Whichever it is, it’s clear that the status quo just isn’t doing it for you right now. Explore where that itch for change is coming from then follow your heart's ambitions.

If the Two of Wands appears reversed in a love reading, lack of planning or foresight regarding the relationship's future may be stalling things. Any time the future gets brought up, the conversation is either vague on specifics or the topic gets changed fast. Don’t expect any clarity about the situation unless you push. It’s also possible that one partner feels held back from achieving their grandest hopes and dreams, or even that one partner is keeping the other one from getting their goals (actively or passively). It’s time to have a talk about boundaries and what support really looks like in action.


What is the Meaning of the Two of Wands in a Future Readings?

No matter where the Two of Wands turns up in a tarot spread, its core energy is zealously encouraging you to take the initiative and fearlessly pursue your highest ambitions. Don't simply daydream about doing big things – this card calls you to start mapping out the practical steps to make them happen. When showing up for your general environment in a future-focused spread, the Two of Wands indicates the time ahead will require you to be decisive and plan responsibly in order to reach your loftiest goals. If you take the time to set down a clear, actionable vision you’ll be better prepared to jump on opportunities when they present themselves.

If the card turns up in a position representing you in a future reading, it signals you'll be craving fresh perspectives along with new experiences that can expand your worldview. Travel is one of the traditional meanings of this card, so there’s not just a chance of a trip in your future, it may be one that opens your world view. Whether or not this need for something new manifests as a trip to Europe or signing up for a class, be open to humble personal evolutions. Your new realizations could well be the beginning of something much bigger.

When reversed in a future reading, a lack of planning or decisive action could leave you stuck spinning your wheels rather than propelling forward. This isn’t the time to give up, but it is the time to mentally regroup and figure out the best way to pivot.  Don't let uncertainty about the road ahead keep you feeling stagnant.


What is the Meaning of the Two of Wands in a Career Reading?

The suit of wands is often linked to careers, so the Two of Wand’s far-seeing ambition means especially good things In the context of the workplace or job prospects. It could indicate you will have promising opportunities ahead of you, perhaps even internationally or with a global corporation. It's a favorable omen of being offered roles with great potential for growth. These opportunities will only be as good as you make them, so be proactive whenever possible.

If the card refers to you specifically in the career realm, it signifies you're feeling driven to advance down a new professional path, one that aligns with bolder personal ambitions. The energy will be right for you to make an audacious career move, so go for it! Everything is in place to turn your wildest work goals into a reality.

When reversed in a career reading, the Two of Wands implies issues around planning and foresight that are stalling your professional progress. Just floating along is not going to get you where you want to be. Be honest with yourself about things you’ve been letting slide and figure out how to get on track again. The Two of Wands reversed could also possibly mean that an overly narrow focus is preventing you from seeing missed opportunities all around you. Keeping your head down is keeping your skills from being noticed. See where you could branch out a little more boldly, and perhaps be better recognized for your hard work.


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