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Christine x4063


"Clarity is found by relaxing, tuning into your soul and trusting the power within yourself!"

About Psychic Christine

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

If we all worked together with trust, faith and compassion.

Why is sharing your psychic gifts important to you?

I know I can help others.

What makes your reading style unique?

I read your unique spiritual energy with or without info.

What can one expect before and after having a psychic reading with you?

I am direct and compassionate with powerful forward vision.

Please share a memorable psychic experience where you helped someone overcome a life obstacle.

I broke thrrough a major stumbling block with a client, by dissolving 'unseen' energy blocks, that baffled logic.

Please tell us how others can benefit from seeking your psychic guidance?

I offer Reiki and energy balancing, Clarity and big picture views and answer direct questions.

What kind of social issues are you most passionate about and why?

Animals and nature on the planet; we are all one.

How has your cultural background played a role in your development of spiritual abilities?

My serious health diagnosis, brought me to the passionate spiritual connection I now live in.


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Chat Reading - 7/18/2020

Christine is fast, accurate - amazing! I have had many readings with her and she is always able to pick up on the story exactly where we left off. Read More

Phone Reading - 8/31/2020

Sometimes my reading are good with her, then other times I feel like she just agrees with everything I say. Read More

Phone Reading - 8/13/2020

Christine was so amazing- she really tuned into what was going on with me and my POI. It was an emotional meeting and she gave me advise on how to deal with my emotions until all comes to light. She was not only in tuned with my energy but my POI as well and what was going on with us and how he was feeling as well as his past. I got shivers; in a good way. She definitely made me feel better and and hopeful to see my cloudy days turning into sunny in the next few weeks Read More

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Quick Facts

  • Love, Sex and Romance
  • Career and Money
  • Self-Love and Care
  • Clairaudient
  • Empath
  • Intuitive
Communication Style
  • Direct
  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
Other Skills
  • Guided Meditation, Reiki / Energy Healing , Aura Cleansing

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