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"Today's decisions are tomorrow's reality."

About Psychic Dakota

Why is sharing your psychic gifts important to you?

I love helping clients along their life path.

Can you share your intention and motivation on why you are in this line of work?

Knowing that I have made a difference in someone's life.

What makes your reading style unique?

I combine compassion with straight talk.

What can one expect before and after having a psychic reading with you?

You will have a clearer picture of what path to take.

Please share a memorable psychic experience where you helped someone overcome a life obstacle.

I worked with a nurse who was looking to restore her depleted energy. With spiritual guidance, I was able to counsel her as to methods that could help. She called me within a month, letting me know that things improved and she felt she was a better nurse based on my advice. That was a very humbling experience for me.

What is your strongest psychic ability, and how has this helped others?

I hear channeled messages. When I share the messages, they become tailor made for the client.

What kind of social issues are you most passionate about and why?

Immigration issues because of my family background.

How has your cultural background played a role in your development of spiritual abilities?

Losing my spouse has enhanced my spiritual gifts.


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Quick Facts

  • Love, Sex and Romance
  • Self-Love and Care
  • Spirituality
  • Empath
  • Clairvoyant
  • Intuitive
Communication Style
  • Compassionate
  • Cards
  • Dreams
  • Astrology
Other Skills
  • Past life interpretation, pendulum, ancestors.

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