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"The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment." - Pema Chödrön

About Psychic Sonam

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Universal awareness is not enough.. It can be used like a sharp object to cause great harm with meditated precision to the self and countless others.. But awareness paired with a dedicated practice of developing loving kindness and compassion is one key to waking up in this confusing reality.

Can you share your intention and motivation on why you are in this line of work?

For the purpose of continuing to connect myself and others to the nameless guides who desire our infinite growth!

How do you handle telling a customer when you see bad news?

I am not perfect and I don't want to create unnecessary fear. I will carefully share what information I see and immediately look for where in the reading is the guidance that positively empowers the receiver to move forward.

What is your strongest psychic ability, and how has this helped others?

What I call, "Awareness" is what many know as "Psychic ability." It is a muscle that all beings have. I have been told that awareness can be practiced with every moment, if one prepares themself to do so.. My intention is to bring others closer to their own awareness to a gentle and loving path.

How do you receive specific time frames and predictions when asked?

I will usually have gut insights about timeframes. Time frames are often fluidic, depending on logistics and willpower. If you let me, I will set in front of you the heart of the key steps that need to be taken. Hopefully you will go on to reflect on those details and act with your heart.


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Quick Facts

  • Spirituality
  • Self-Love and Care
  • Empath
  • Mediumship
Communication Style
  • Expressive
  • Can Read Without Tools
  • Cards
  • Spirit Guides
Other Skills
  • Insight on Creative Pursuits, Meditation Techniques, Travel Advice

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