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"Fences are made for those who cannot fly." - Elbert Hubbard

About Psychic Texie

Total Readings : 2,525 since April 2021

In your opinion, what would make the world a better place?

Terence Blanchard said, "What the world needs now is not another love song." He was right on that account, but we could use a little more love and understanding. There are never enough active listeners a round when people need them. We could all use a lot more laughter in life. Laughter makes everything better. People think that they need more money, but what the world really needs is more generosity of spirit. That's something money can't buy and it's far more valuable. People with generosity of spirit can't just turn a blind eye to suffering, cruelty and want without trying to do something about it. Imagine a world with an abundance of the things I elucidated and tell me that's not a better place to live.

Why is sharing your psychic gifts important to you?

One of my favorite spirituals is, If I Can Help Somebody. The lyric was, "If I can help somebody, as I pass along; then my living shall not be in vain." What's the point of having a gift that can help someone; if you don't use it to make someone else's life a little easier? I've been told I have this gift for years and in the past I've been reluctant to use it because it's not something I can quantify. However, I've seen tears in the eyes of people whom I've helped connect with spirit. I've heard the voices of people who've told me that they really feel understood after a reading. The power to change someone's life for the better is a powerful thing and a great responsibility. If I can help one person; then my living won't be in vain.

What do you think are the top benefits of psychic readings?

Reassurance, Hope, Guidance, Piece of Mind, Connection with the Dvine.

Can you share your intention and motivation on why you are in this line of work?

My main motivation for entering this line of work is to help people. It's also time that I follow the direction of my spirit guides. I have been directed to work with Spirit as a light worker for almost 20 years. I have dabbled every once in a while as a hobby. However, I've been encouraged by other psychics, astrologers, tarot card readers and just everyday to work in the spiritual world in a full time capacity in order to help others find their path. In the last three years, I haven't been able to go more than two months without getting that message delivered by different people.

What makes your reading style unique?

I think every reader brings a unique energy and personal presence to their work. I don't know if I feel qualified to dictate what sets me apart from others. Only the people who've gotten readings from me can really tell you what makes my readings unique.

Can you share what process or tools you use for making the psychic connection during a reading?

I connect with each person I read in a different way. I sometimes get impressions that don't make sense to me but they do for the person I'm reading. Sometimes I remote view, I can see a place and I describe what I'm seeing to the person I'm talking to and they explain what that place is to them or I tell them the feeling I'm getting in that space. My strongest tool is astrology the stars and planets tell me a lot. I also get pretty clear messages through tarot and Lenormand. It's like I use my intuition like a telescope to get a view of a person's situation and I use the cards and stars to focus in on subtle nuances and possible solutions.

What can one expect before and after having a psychic reading with you?

It definitely helps if a person comes to me with a specific question or subject in mind. When I read face to face I usually pick up on a person's energy sometimes I'll clasp their hand to get the information I need to discuss with them. I can't do that over the phone or via chat. So I will need to hear what the person wants addressed or I'll have to use my cards to find out. After a reading a person should be able to get a clear view of their situation and possible outcomes or recommendations from spirit.

How do you handle telling a customer when you see bad news?

Very carefully, people don't generally hear what they don't want to know. A reader has to understand this and figure out the best way to communicate something negative so that a person can hear it. Also it's important to let a person know that they do have agency in most situations. Nothing is written in stone but the past.

Please share a memorable psychic experience where you helped someone overcome a life obstacle.

The day I first realized I could read people without tools was in the Oracle Chair of the Winking Lotus camp at Burning Man. One of the first people I read was a Brazilian man with the beautiful smile. As I took this man's hand in mine, I could see out of his kitchen window in my mind I felt a great loss and loneliness, like there was no one that could love me in that big city. Spirit was showing me this man's despair. I knew that he was suicidal and searching for a reason to live. It was awkward for me to broach the subject but I had to. I also knew he'd lost his mother. She wanted me to tell him not to give up. Tears flowed from his eyes as he confessed his sadness. I hugged him.

What is your strongest psychic ability, and how has this helped others?

Empathy, I've been able to use that ability to tap into how others are feeling and give them the strength and reassurance they need when they need it most. I can also tell what they can't hear just yet.

How do you receive specific time frames and predictions when asked?

Tarot cards help me divine time frames when Spirit doesn't indicate that to me.

Please tell us how others can benefit from seeking your psychic guidance?

I've been told I have helped people have hope when they were feeling hopeless. I've been able to give people reassurance that their loved ones may be dead but they aren't necessarily gone. I've made people feel more understood, like their lives aren't as random as they might have felt they were before we've spoken.

How are psychics perceived in your community?

Depends on who you ask. My community is a real mixed bag of beliefs about things that can and can't be seen and quantified empirically. It's definitely not a monolith. I once had a 7th Day Adventist lady I met and talked with on the street say to me, " This is not a prophecy, but you know you are meant to work in the spiritual world." In the 15 minutes I'd been talking with her I'd inadvertently, quoted scripture that her preacher had just preached a sermon on in church and another scripture that she'd read that morning in her morning devotional. We just happened to run into two friends of hers before we parted ways and somehow I was able to tune into them and share messages they needed to hear too.

What kind of social issues are you most passionate about and why?

Social justice, the rights of children, the elderly and animals. I have just always had a soft spot in my heart for those who are marginalized, or are dependent on other's kindness and sense of responsibility.

In what ways do your clients find you relatable to the issues they face in their lives?

This is another one of those things I can't quantify or explain exactly, they just do.

How has your cultural background played a role in your development of spiritual abilities?

Hmm, my people have had to maintain a connection to Spirit just to survive historically. We survived, we survive, so we believe.

Can you share one thing that you would like others to know about you?

I'm a pretty humble person. I take my responsibilities as a spiritual medium very seriously.


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