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Phone Reading - 8/1/2021

Cookie is very kind and caring she knew exactly what she was talking about i am very happy with her she has given me the strength and given me the truth, the person i love and is in love with is also in love with me and this person is telling me the truth ,and that i never have nothing to worry about ..i have no doubts about anything now its all real...thank you so much cookie for giving me clarity this is what i have always wanted and now its a a happy man thank you so much sincerely,

Phone Reading - 6/20/2021

Thank u Taja u are right on point now i know how much this woman loves me and is in love with me..i am showing her my love as giving her the security that she needs with me,now i understand that she is very serious about us ..thank you for giving me my security..yes this a BLESSING, our love and security is there for eternity..i will do as u said to let her know all the love i have for her also. thank you again for not telling me what i want to hear you told me the absolute truth...i am one happy man..thank you so much