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Chat Reading - 4/26/2022

Nice but I kind of feel I was leading the reading. I would say something and get “Yes, I can see that.” Technically, I just told you.

Phone Reading - 4/18/2022

I liked that Samantha was very clear and calm. She was also kind and non judgmental which I truly appreciated. I really hope what she saw actually happens for me.

Phone Reading - 4/17/2022

Very kind and compassionate. I was pretty sad and confused in my emotions but her calmness helped me and I appreciate it.

Chat Reading - 4/17/2022

I like that she was very straight forward in the chat reading. No time was wasted. I hope the predictions come true.

Phone Reading - 4/8/2022

Wow! I’m kind of speechless. Mayhayley was able to tune immediately and even named the exact location of my POI without me saying it. I also love that she’s compassionate and non judgmental at the same time. I can’t wait to see if what she mentioned will come true!

Chat Reading - 4/6/2022

I’ve read with Violet twice now and I love that she’s consistent and straight forward each time. She sounds sure about what she’s seeing and tunes in extremely quickly. I’m sure I’ll be calling again!

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Phone Reading - 3/15/2022

Amazing would be an understatement. There was a lot of detail concerning my POI and a lot was confirmed of what I knew about the situation already. Also, I was given such good insight and advice on how to proceed. I’m really looking forward to talking with Lyra again to give an update on what happens. I left the reading with so much peace about the situation and Lyra was so easy to talk to! Definitely one of my favorite advisors!

Chat Reading - 3/13/2022

Titus was able to tune in and respond very quickly during my chat reading. The responses specifically answered my questions and were not vague. I really appreciated the session.

Phone Reading - 2/3/2022

Ann is always very straightforward and clear in her readings. My questions were answered and I was able to confirm that much of what she was seeing were true events that occurred. It really gave me so much peace of mind because it was specific to me and my situation and not general.

Chat Reading - 11/27/2021

I like that she made made sure to remind me that readings are about the likely energy at the time of the reading and also that free will plays a part in my own and my person of interest’s decisions. I did receive some peace of mind about my situation and not vague answers based on my birthday or sun sign. I’m hopeful that things will play out the way she described them.